Random and Fun Tuesday

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Tuesday is the day for Stacy’s Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Tuesday Fun with Sandee of Comedy Plus.
Let me begin with a shout-out to Cathy of Curious as a Cathy.  No matter what, i cannot comment on your blog!  The fact is, WordPress hates me even though i have an account.  Just know that i am reading, and if you want to contact me at my email, messymimi at live dot com, i will try to send you my comments via email.
On Saturday, i posted about #1 Son needing to pay a bill.  It was a rather complicated situation.
This month, he and his roommate recommended a third person to live in their apartment.  Most apartments at his complex have three rooms, which are rented out separately, each person has his/her own lease, bedroom, bathroom, and they share the kitchen and living area.  #1 Son and roommate had an empty room, which means the complex is not making money on that room.  
According to the way that apartment complex is run, if you recommend a person to move in and s/he is accepted, you get $200 off on your rent.  #1 Son had paid his rent on June 30, minus the $200, and the manager who took the money order from him said that was right.
Last Tuesday, the 10th, #1 Son got a call asking why he was late on $200 of his rent.  He told the female manager what had happened, and she told him that the discount applies the second month after the person has moved in, so he was technically late and would have to pay a $50 late fee.  
He responded that not only was it not noted in the lease or any of the promotional materials that the discount was the second month, he was told by the manager on duty that he’d paid the correct amount.  He insisted that the fee be waived.
She said she didn’t have the authority to do that, and he told her to find out who did and take care of it, because he was not paying the late fee.  The money order he bought that day was for the $200, the male manager who had originally taken his rent back on June 30 admitted he was at fault, and they have not yet asked for the late fee.  So far, he seems to have won this, we are hoping.
For a few funnies, this is how i feel right now about the management of that apartment complex:
This is how i feel when i think about our cars:
Finally, this is how i feel some days when i’m having trouble remembering stuff:
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
Today is:
Air Conditioner Day — the first modern electrical air conditioning unit, invented by William Carrier, began working on this day in 1902
Constitution Day — South Korea
Feast of St. Kenelm — saint mentioned in “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale” of The Canterbury Takes
Feast of the Clockless NowEver — can’t find any confirmation on what this one is, but it sounds like fun if i don’t have to bother with a clock or schedule
Festival for Victoria and Virtus — Ancient Roman Calendar (goddess of victory and god of bravery in warfare)
Gion Matsuri — Yakasa Shrine, Kyoto, Japan (one of the largest and best Gion festivals)
King Letsie III’s Birthday — Lesotho
National Peach Ice Cream Day
Petal-Hopping for Hopeless Cases — Fairy Calendar
St. Alexius Day (Patron of Alexians, beggars, belt makers, nurses, pilgrims, travellers)
Wear Crazy Socks to Work Day — at your own risk
World Day for International Justice
Wrong Way Corrigan Day — anniversary of the flight of Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan, who was supposedly heading for California from New York and ended up in Ireland instead
Yellow Pig Day — mathmatics festivals at various universities, celebrating the number 17 and the yellow pig with 17 eyelashes, created by mathematicians Michael Spivak and David C. Kelly
Birthdays Today
Tash Hamilton, 1982
Alex Winter, 1965
Dawn Upshaw, 1960
Mark Burnett, 1960
Aaron Lansky, 1955
J. Michael Straczynski, 1954
David Hasselhoff, 1952
Phoebe Snow, 1952
Lucie Arnaz, 1951
Camilla Parker Bowles, 1947
Diahann Carroll, 1935
Donald Sutherland, 1934
Phyllis Diller, 1917
Art Linkletter, 1912
James Cagney, 1899
Berenice Abbott, 1898
Erle Stanley Gardner, 1889
John Jacob Astor, 1763
Elbridge Thomas Gerry, 1744
Isaac Watts, 1674
Debuting/Premiering Today:
Yellow Submarine(Animated film), 1968
Punch(Magazine, first publication), 1841
Today in History
Twelve inhabitants of Scillium in North Africa are executed for being Christians, the earliest record of Christianity in that part of the world, 180
Zhu Di, better known by his era name as the Yongle Emperor, assumes the throne over the Ming Dynasty of China, 1402
Catherine II (the Great) becomes tsar of Russia upon the murder of Peter III of Russia, 1762
Londoner Thomas Saint patented the first sewing machine, 1790
The first issue of Punch magazine was published, England, 1841
The Harvard School of Dental Medicine is established in Boston as the first dental school in the U.S, 1867
On the orders of the Bolshevik Party carried out by Cheka, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his immediate family and retainers are murdered at the Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg, Russia, 1918
The RMS Carpathia, the ship that rescued the 705 survivors from the RMS Titanic, is sunk off Ireland by the German SM U-55; 5 lives are lost, 1918
An Armed Forces rebellion against the recently-elected leftist Popular Front government of Spain begins the Spanish Civil War, 1936
After being denied permission to make a transatlantic crossing, Douglas Corrigan takes off from Brooklyn to fly the “wrong way” to Ireland and becomes known as “Wrong Way” Corrigan, 1928
Disneyland televises its grand opening in Anaheim, California, 1955
An American Apollo and a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft dock with each other in orbit marking the first such link-up between spacecraft from the two nations, 1975
The opening of the Summer Olympics in Montreal is marred by 25 African teams boycotting the New Zealand team, 1976
The F.W. Woolworth Company closes after 117 years in business, 1997
A tsunami triggered by an undersea earthquake destroys 10 villages in Papua New Guinea killing an estimated 3,183, leaving 2,000 more unaccounted for and thousands more homeless, 1998
A diplomatic conference adopts the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, establishing a permanent international court to prosecute individuals for genocide, crime against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression, 1998
South Korea develops a long range cruise missile, 2010
Astronauts, Sunita Williams of the United States, Yuri Malenchenko of Russia and Aki Hoshide of Japan, arrive at the International Space Station for a three-month long mission, 2012
In an effort to curb obesity rates, the United Arab Emirates offers its citizens one gram of gold for every kilogram of weight they lose, 2013



It’s been a week — Random and Fun Tuesday

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.)
It’s time once again for a random and fun Tuesday, linking up with Stacy’s Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Sandee at Comedy Plus.  
Well, let’s see, what has happened this past week?  Lunceford went in for work again, as noted on Saturday.  You just can’t trust an 18-year-old alternator, can you?
Grandma had me come and clean her house.  Her housekeeper took a week off because of a serious cut on her hand, and then skipped again because of Independence Day.  (Yes, i worked on Independence Day.)  
The whole time i was there, every time i would pick something up to clean under it i would mutter under my breath, i wonder when was the last time this got cleaned.  One time Grandpa heard me and said he often wondered the same thing.
In the end, the place was clean, even Grandpa’s room that he tries to put off limits.  It’s easy, i just wait until he is busy in his office or running an errand and then i sneak in.  He doesn’t like it, but i got my stubborn from him, so he can’t complain.
Sunday was another session with the grand-dogs.  That little Jezzie just goes and goes until she flops down to sleep.  Pepe has taken to hiding from her when they are here, she can’t climb the stairs yet so he runs up to get away.  He’s going to be one sad dog when she figures out how to climb.
Dr. D put me to work researching alternative pain therapies, including low level light therapy.  It turns out she has one of the infrared heat lamps the book she bought was talking about, so we hauled it out of storage and cleaned it up, and she is going to use it.  It certainly can’t hurt is what i figure.
We also had a discussion about having some things “hanging over your head,” and how you live with that.  We both came to the conclusion that in life, it’s always something, and the sooner you get used to that and learn to live with it, the better.
Besides, we will have all eternity in heaven trouble-free, what do we expect down here?
After spending so much time cleaning other people’s houses, this is rather how i feel:
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
Today is:
Alpenfest — Gaylord, MI, US (a Swiss inspired festival for the whole family that includes “The World’s Largest Coffee Break”; through Saturday)
Armed Forces Day — Mauritania
Carnival Tuesday — Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Clerihew Day — in honor of the poetic form he invented, the clerihew:
    Edmund’s middle name was Clerihew
    A name possessed by very few
    But verses by Mr. Bentley
    Succeeded eminently!
Cow Appreciation Day® — sponsored by Chick-fil-A; wear any kind of cow apparel and get a free entree!
Don’t Step On A Bee Day — Wellcat Holidays wants to remind you, when going barefoot this time of year, watch out!
Edmonton International Street Performers Festival — Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (the finest street performers anywhere; through Sunday)
Feast Day of Knut the Reaper, Hela, Holda, and Skadi — Norse deities whose celebration this day is due to their later association with Danish King Canute the Great
Independence Day — Bahamas(1973)
Lady Godiva Day — tradition says she took her famous ride on this day in 1040
National Pina Colada Day
Pick Blueberries Day — variously set on different days in July depending on the website; with blueberries being so good for you, find a day to go gather or buy some soon
Silence Day — followers of Meher Baba
St. Amalburga’s Day (Patron of people with fever; Ghent, Belgium; against arm pain, bruises, and fevers)
Teddy Bear Picnic Day — no idea why today, especially when the author of the song, Jimmy Kennedy, was born on July 20
Uniwaine / Unaine Day — Kiribati (Senior Citizens’ Day, specifically Elderly Men’s Day / Elderly Women’s Day)
Anniversaries Today
Wyoming becomes the 44th US State, 1890
Birthdays Today
Jessica Simpson, 1980
Andre Nolan Dawson, 1954
Arlo Guthrie, 1947
Sue Lyon, 1946
Ron Glass, 1945
Virginia Wade,1945
Arthur Ashe, 1943
Lawrence Pressman, 1939
Jerry Herman, 1933
David Norman Dinkins, 1927
Fred Gwynne, 1926
Jean Kerr, 1923
Jake LaMotta, 1921
Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 1921
David Brinkley, 1920
Don “Mr. Wizard” Herbert, 1917
John Gilbert, 1897
Edmund Clerihew Bentley, 1875
Mary Jane McLeod Bethune, 1875
Marcel Proust, 1871
Nikola Tesla, 1856
Adolphus Busch, 1839
James Whistler, 1834
George Mifflin Dallas, 1792
William Blackstone, 1723
John Calvin, 1509
Debuting/Premiering Today:
The Fox And The Hound(Animated film), 1981
“Your Hit Parade”(TV), 1950
Today in History
Julius Caesar barely avoids a catastrophic defeat to Pompey in Macedonia at the Battle of Dyrrhachium, BC48
The most severe of several early fires of London burns most of the city to the ground, 1212
Lady Jane Grey takes the throne of England, 1553
Alexander Mackenzie reaches the Mackenzie River delta, 1789
The Vellore Mutiny is the first instance of a mutiny by Indian sepoys against the British East India Company, 1806
The United States takes possession of its newly bought territory of Florida from Spain, 1821
Big Ben, the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, rings for the first time, 1859
The eruption of Tarawera volcano destroys the famous pink and white calcium carbonate hot-spring terraces of North Island, New Zealand, 1886
Meher Baba, self declared Avatar of the Age, begins his silence of 44 years; his followers observe Silence Day on this date in commemoration, 1925
In Dayton, Tennessee, the so-called “Monkey Trial” begins with John T. Scopes, a young high school science teacher accused of teaching evolution in violation of the Butler Act, 1925
Howard Hughes sets a new record by completing a 91 hour airplane flight around the world, 1938
Telstar, the world’s first communications satellite, is launched into orbit, 1962
Boris Yeltsin begins his 5-year term as the first elected President of Russia, 1991
In London scientists report the findings of the DNA analysis of a Neanderthal skeleton which supports the “out of Africa theory” of human evolution, 1997
Spain opens its first mosque since the Moors were expelled in 1492, in Granada, 2003
France O’Grady is appointed the first female General Secretary by Britain’s Trade Union Congress, 2012


Kittens and Cars and Brave(r) Dogs on a Random and Fun Tuesday

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.) 
Hello, Tuesday!  It’s the day for Random Thoughts with Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, and Tuesday Fun with Sandee of Comedy Plus.
Speaking of fun, our weekend kittens are back with their other foster now, but they were fun while they were here:




When i brought them back to her, i asked what she’d named them.  She said she didn’t have names yet, so i told her about how i’d nicknamed them Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Maureen.  She laughed and said she loved that, so those names might stick.
The Jalopy is home, with a new gas tank and tail light assembly, just in time for Sweetie to spend the next week house-watching and garden tending for The Big Boss.  The garden is producing plenty at this time, and we’ve been told to take whatever ripens while The Big Boss and his wife are out of town so that it won’t go bad.  That means home grown cucumbers and tomatoes in our future.
The borrowed Tahoe will be thoroughly washed and vacuumed and wiped down and filled with gas and returned to the wonderful client who loaned it to us.  That vehicle is a tank!  Someone dropped a shopping cart on the freeway a couple of days ago, and Sweetie clipped it with the edge of a tire and pushed it out of the road so no one would get hurt.  Didn’t put a mark on the Tahoe or damage the tire at all, although i wouldn’t give you a plugged nickel for that shopping cart now.
We’ve been having trouble getting our bathtub to drain, so with great trepidation and much consultation with a contractor friend, Sweetie performed some surgery on the tub drain mechanism.  It is beyond repairing, so he threw it away, put the plate back on, and bought one of those flat rubber stoppers.  The tub now works, just like the one at great-grandma’s house.
Daughter-in-Law Becky and Pepe the Chihuahua came for a visit, and i think Pepe is realizing the cats are all bark and no bite, so to speak.  When i fed him, and Enigma SissyCat came and stood right next to him, he did not give up his food as he would have in the past.  He stood his ground and kept eating, and she waited until he was done and licked the tiny bit of gravy he’d left behind.  She probably was not happy that she didn’t get more, but i am glad he’s not letting them intimidate him.
He even helps himself to a cat bed now!
That’s about all the news, i hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
Today is:
Alexandra Rose Day — anniversary of the tradition started by Queen Alexandra on this day in 1912, in which roses and rose emblems were sold in London and the UK, with the money going to smaller charities that are not usually in the national spotlight; also by tradition, the Lord Mayor of London bought the first rose
    Alexandra Rose Charities still exists, but uses other forms of fundraising and now supports healthy eating initiatives among lower income mothers and children
Armed Forces Day — Azerbaijan
Barcode/UPC Day — the first scanner, at Marsh’s Supermarket in Troy, Ohio, scanned its first item, a pack of Wrigley’s gum at 8:01am this day in 1974
Beautician’s Day — on a couple of websites, while other list other days; if yours puts the “beauty” in beautician, remember her next time you go have your do tended to
Birthday of Cheng Huang — Taiwan (the gods that are city guardians are celebrated with a procession of actors on stilts doing dragon and lion dances on this 13th day of the fifth moon)
Handing Back of Tiger-Get-By’s Presents — Fairy Calendar
Guan Sheng Di Jun Dan — Taoism (Heavenly Sage Guan Di’s Birthday [god of war])
Holiday for the Shemsu of Heru — Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)
Independence Day — Madagascar[Fetin’ny Fahaleovantena]; Somalia
International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking — UN
International Day in Support of Victims of Torture — UN
National Canoe Day — Canada
National Chocolate Pudding Day
National Columnists’ Day — on the fourth Tuesday of June each year, set aside some time to thank your favorite newspaper columnists, whether local or syndicated
St. Pelayo’s Day (Patron of abandoned people, torture victims; Castro Urdiales, Spain; Torreira, Portugal) 
Sunthorn Phu Day — Thailand (celebration of the country’s best-known Royal Poet)
Ziua Tricolorului — Romania (Flag Day)
Birthdays Today:
Jennette McCurdy, 1992
Jason Schwartzman, 1980
Derek Jeter, 1974
Gretchen Wilson, 1973
Chris O’Donnell, 1970
Paul Thomas Anderson, 1970
Sean P. Hayes, 1970
Harriet Wheeler, 1963
Greg LeMond, 1961
Chris Isaak, 1956
Claudio Abbado, 1933
Eleanor Parker, 1922
Charlotte Zolotow, 1915
“Babe” Didrikson Zaharias, 1914
Colonel Tom Parker, 1909
Peter Lorre, 1904
Pearl S. Buck, 1892
Sir Robert Laird Borden, 1854
Lord Kelvin, 1824
Abner Doubleday, 1819
Arthur Middleton, 1742
Debuting/Premiering Today:
For Your Eyes Only(Film), 1981
“Absurd Person Singular”(Play), 1972
“A Hard Day’s Night”(Album, US version, release), 1964
“The Valkyrie”(Opera, WWV 86B), 1870
Today in History:
Roman Emperor Julian is killed during the retreat from the Sassanid Empire; General Jovian is proclaimed Emperor by the troops on the battlefield, 363
The legendary Pied Piper leads 130 children out of Hamelin, German, 1284
Richard III is crowned king of England, 1483
Francisco Pizarro is assassinated in Lima, 1541
W. K. Clarkson patents the first bicycle, 1819
The Christian  holiday of Christmas is declared a federal holiday in the United States, 1870
The Science Museum in London comes into existence as an independent entity, 1909
The United Nations Charter is signed in San Francisco, 1945
William Shockley files the original patent for the grown junction transistor, the first bipolar junction transistor, 1948
The Berlin Airlift begins, 1948
The Saint Lawrence Seaway opens, opening North America’s Great Lakes to ocean-going ships, 1959
The Universal Product Code is scanned for the first time to sell a package of Wrigley’s chewing gum at the Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio, 1974
Indira Gandhi establishes emergency rule in India, 1975
The CN Tower, the world’s tallest free-standing structure on land, is opened to general public, 1976*
Biologists J. Craig Venter and Francis S. Collins announced that their research groups had mapped the human genome, 2000
Wangdue Phodrang Dzong, the four thousand year-old ridge-top monastery in Bhutan catches fire and is destroyed; no relics were lost in the fire because the monastery was under renovation, 2012


*It is still the tallest in the Western Hemisphere


Back to It, Random and Fun Tuesday

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.)

It’s time for some random Tuesday fun with Stacy’s Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Sandee of Comedy Plus.
Friday of vacation was about the best vacation day i’ve ever had.  Planting myself in a deck chair under the waterfall, i stayed there all day, getting up just to use the facilities and get something to eat.  Much dozing was done, and i can say i have thoroughly inspected the insides of my eyelids, no cracks yet.
On our drive home Saturday, Sweetie and i stopped at the little “hole in the wall” BBQ joint that has become our day before Father’s Day tradition.  We buy a huge amount of BBQ for Grandpa, and take it to him on our way back to our house.  He thinks it’s some of the best (besides his own, of course) and he divides much of it into meal size portions and freezes them.  Our intent is that he doesn’t have to worry about meals for at least a few days and it makes him very happy.
A Father’s Day tradition at our church is the men’s choir.  Any man who can carry a tune (and even a few for whom that is questionable) is invited into the choir loft and they do sing their hearts out.  This year, the choir director had them all put on their Blues Brothers sunglasses for the last song, Chainbreaker.
The men’s choir for Father’s Day, singing in style!
The work week started with a bang, as is usual, at Dr. D’s house.  We got part way through sorting the stuff in one corner of the bedroom, and she already has an over-full bag of lipsticks and the nail polish tackle box is crammed.  
We finally had to quit and run errands, the sum of which is that the Tracfone is unusable.  She cannot remember which gmail account was used to set it up, and without that information, there’s nothing to be done but buy a new Tracfone and move the minutes over to it.
We were much more successful with getting her bed changed.  We found two complete sets of sheets that actually fit her bed.  The bed is the size that was called a “double” when i was a child, but is now called “full”.  Or, if you are JCPenney, you have your own word for it:
No photo doctoring (i don’t know how), they call it Matrimonial size.
How they came up with that, well, i am not sure i want to know, but it did give both of us a good laugh.
Ms. V and her family are on vacation, so i am doing their house in the odd hours after doing my other work this week.  As they always do, they packed and dropped whatever they didn’t want to take with them and skedaddled.  It’s going to be a long week, adding that work to the regular load.
This evening, i am picking up some foster kittens, just through Sunday.  Their other foster mom has to go to a funeral out of town.  They are between 2 and 3 weeks old, and there are four of them.  Pictures will follow as soon as i can.
That’s about all the news their is, i hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday!
Today is:
Asatru Alliance Founding Day — Asatru/Slavic Pagan              
Birthday of José Gervasio Artigas / “Never Again” Day — Uruguay (Dia del Nunca Mas)
Butterfly Day — an ecard holiday; if you know someone who loves butterflies, send an ecard, let them know you are thinking of them
Day of the Independent Hungary — Hungary (a memorial day for those martyred in 1958, and for the end of Soviet occupation)
Festival for Minerva — Ancient Roman Calendar (goddess of arts, crafts, skill, war, and intelligence)
Festival of the Coming Ice Age — can’t find out anything about this one, but it sounds hilarious
Garfield the Cat Day (his birthday/comic strip premier)
Juneteenth — US, celebrates the news of freedom on the day it came to slaves on Galveston Island, Texas
Labour Day — Trinidad and Tobago
National Martini Day — some sites specify a dry martini
New Church Day — Swedenborgian Christian
Royal Ascot — Ascot Racecourse, Ascot, Berkshire, England (a unique event bringing together the best of fashion, style, sport, and entertainment for five days)
Rusalka’s Week begins — Asatru/Slavic Pagan Calendar (week long festival to honor the divinity of rivers)
Spooky Stories Appreciation Night — because someone thought it would be a good night to tell a few scary tales
St. Boniface of Querfurt’s Day (Patron of Prussia)
St. Jude’s Day (Patron of desperate situations, forgotten/impossilbe/lost causes, hospitals, hospital workers; Saint Petersburg, FL, US)
Swedish Days Midsommar Festival — Geneva, IL, US (celebrating Swedish heritage in the granddaddy of all Illinois festivals with fun for the whole family through Sunday)
Tiger-Get-By’s Second Birthday — Fairy Calendar
Western Days — Elgin, TX, US (music, carnival, parade, live music and more; through Saturday)
World Sauntering Day — origin unknown, but perhaps begun at Grand Hotel (Mackinac Island) in Michigan during the 1970s as a response by W.T.Rabe to a growing movement toward the recreation of jogging and the idea was to encourage people to slow down and appreciate the world around them; the rules are to observe the lost art of Victorian sauntering, discouraging jogging, lollygagging, sashaying, fast walking, and trotting, but no word on meandering that i can find!
Anniversaries Today:
Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, marries Sophie Rhys-Jones, 1999
Birthdays Today:
Zoe Saldana, 1978
Poppy Montgomery, 1972
Mia Sara, 1967
Andy Lauer, 1965
Aung San Suu Kyi, 1965
Paula Abdul, 1962
Kathleen Turner, 1954
Ann Wilson, 1951
Phylicia Rashad, 1948
Salman Rushdie, 1947
Elaine “Spanky” McFarlane, 1942
Gena Rowlands, 1930
Louis Jourdan, 1919
Pauline Kael, 1919
Pat Buttram, 1915
Abe Fortas, 1910
Earl W. Bascom, 1906
Lou Gehrig, 1903
Guy Lombardo, 1902
Moe Howard, 1897
Wallis Simpson, 1896
Elbert Green Hubbard, 1856
Charles H. Spurgeon, 1834
Blaise Paschal, 1623
King James I of England and VI of Scotland, 1566
Debuting/Premiering Today:
Inside Out(Pixar film), 2015
Batman Returns(Film), 1992
“The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”(Musical), 1978
“The Rocky Horror Show”(Musical), 1973
“Devil May Hare”(Cartoon short, Tazmanian Devil’s premier), 1954
“I’ve Got a Secret”(TV), 1952
“Moon Mullins”(Comic strip), 1923
Today in History:
King Louis IX of France orders all Jews  found in public without an identifying yellow badge to be fined ten livres  of silver, 1269
The Earl of Pembroke’s army defeats Bruce’s Scottish army at the Battle of Methven, 1306
English colonists leave Roanoke Island, N.C., after failing to establish England’s first permanent settlement in America, 1586
Emanuel Swedenborg reports the completion of the Second Coming of Christ in his work True Christian Religion, 1770
Battle of Seven Oaks between North West Company and Hudson’s Bay Company, near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1816
The first officially recorded, organized baseball match was played under Alexander Joy Cartwright’s rules on Hoboken’s Elysian Fields (Hoboken, New Jersey)with the New York Base Ball Club defeating the Knickerbockers 23-1; Cartwright umpired, 1846
Over two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, slaves in Galveston, Texas, United States, are finally informed of their freedom; the anniversary is still officially celebrated in Texas and 35 other states as Juneteenth, 1865
Maximilian I of the Mexican Empire is executed by a firing squad in Querétaro, Querétaro, 1867
After all of the Southern States are formally readmitted to the United States, the Confederate States of America ceases to exist, 1870
The Herzegovinian rebellion against the Ottoman Empire begins, 1875
The first Father’s Day is celebrated in Spokane, Washington, 1910
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed at Sing Sing, in New York, 1953
Kuwait declares independence from the United Kingdom, 1961
In one of the first militant attacks by Hezbollah, David S. Dodge, president of the American University in Beirut, is kidnapped, 1982
Norway ratifies the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention of 1989, 1990
Prime ministers of several northern European nations participate in a ceremonial “laying of the first stone” at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Spitsbergen, Norway, 2006
In a very simple ceremony, Prince Felipe of Spain is crowned following his father’s abdication, 2014
Nature Ecology and Evolution publishes the first full genetic study of domesticated cats, showing they were domesticated around 9,000 years ago and were bred from one species, the African wildcat, 2017


Random Tuesday is a Fun Tuesday

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.)  


Vacation can be both random and  fun, so i’m linking up with Stacy’s Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Tuesday Fun with Sandee of Comedy Plus.
We’ve been having a great time at the beach.  As usual, i take a walk each day at sunrise.  Also as usual, i take along a bag and pick up trash on my walk.  It saddens me that i have to do it, but people will be people.  It’s mostly the usual stuff — bottle caps, plastic bottles, cans, pieces of children’s beach toys, plastic wrappers, cups, etc.
This year, i have found something new — Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  Now, i have no clue why i am finding Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, entire ones, soaking wet but otherwise obviously unused, on the beach.  Anyway, i’m not so sure i want to know what’s behind that.
Some of my time has been spent under the waterfall, checking the insides of my eyelids for cracks.
In a lounge chair under the waterfall, the best place for eyelid checking.


Sunday was church day at the Flora-Bama Lounge.  They do their best to cover up some of the signs in the area where they meet:
After church, the covers come off.


Still, it is impossible not to know where you are.



“Screw the Cracker, Polly Wants a Cocktail”


The people who run the place have a snese of humor (they must to allow a church to meet there every Sunday morning), and i’m sure the signs in the parking lot confuse some of the patrons who have imbibed a bit more than they should:

Entrance sign pointing, more or less, into the parking lot.


And the exit sign, also pointing into the parking lot!

We spent some time shopping, and one of the funniest things happened to me that i never would have imagined.  At the Hanes store, i decided to try on a sports bra, and i must have really chosen the wrong size.  Once i got into it, i couldn’t get out of it.  Really, i thought i was wrestling an octopus, i got so tangled up.  Sitting down to catch my breath (thank heaven the dressing room had a seat), i was afraid i was going to have to call for assistance and get someone to haul the thing off of me, or cut me out of it.  In my imagination, i could hear the staff spending the next several weeks retelling the story of the crazy lady who couldn’t get herself out of a bra!  

Of course, i didn’t buy that one.
Sweetie has been having trouble with his glasses ever since a screw fell out almost two weeks ago and it was replaced by a not quite right one.  We passed an optical shop where the lady said she didn’t do such repairs, but she recommended one that might.   Sure enough, they had just the right screw to fix it, and only charged $1.10.  
At another store, i found this fun item:
Yes, these flip flops are $57.



Yep, no need to bring a bottle opener with you to the beach, just make sure you have your shoes!
Today is:
Bali Arts Festival — Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia (a full month of daily performances, handicraft exhibitions, and cultural activities showcasing all Bali has to offer in dance, music, art, food, and more; through July 17)
Crowded Nest Awareness Day — for those whose problem is the opposite of the Empty Nest, a day to remind you to keep your sense of humor and get support when you need it
Festival of Mut — Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)
Ghost in the Machine Day — the internet holiday that explains everything!
Helsinki Day — Finland
Independence Day — Philippines
International Cachaca Day — the once illegal cocktail now has its own day of celebration 
Loving Day — US (commemoration of Loving vs. Virginia decision by the Supreme Court which struct down all anti-miscegenation laws) 
Magic Circles Day and Magic History Gathering — marking the founding of The Magic Circle, a society of amateur and professional magicians   
National Jerky Day — begun a couple of years ago, possibly by one of the jerky manufacturers (no one can track it down, sounds suspicious to me)
National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
Petit Jean Antique Auto Show and Swap Meet — Morrilton, AR, US (sponsored by the Museum of Automobiles in Morrilton, and the place to be if you love old cars; through Saturday)
Red Rose Day — found all over the internet, with June 12 as the most common date cited; may have begun with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Australia, which has Rose Days as fundraisers
Russia Day — Russia
St. Anthony’s Eve — Brazil; Portugal
    Dia dos Namorados — Brazil (Lover’s Day, celebrated on St. Anthony’s Eve)
St. Onuphrius’ Day (Patron of weavers; Centrache, Catanzaro, Italy)
World Day Against Child Labour — The UN, Education International and the International Labour Organization; this year, the spotlight is on extending social protection     
World Pet Memorial Day — some sites say this is always on June 10, others that it’s always on the second Tuesday in June, but none can tell us where it came from or who started it that i can find
Birthdays Today:
Frances O’Connor, 1969
Timothy Busfield, 1957
Marv Albert, 1941
Chick Corea, 1941
Jim Nabors, 1932
Anne Frank, 1929
Vic Damone, 1928
George H.W. Bush, 1924
David Rockefeller, 1915
Alexandre Tansman, 1897
Debuting/Premiering Today:
“Doctor Doctor”(TV), 1989
Raiders of the Lost Ark(Film), 1981
You Only Live Twice(Film), 1967
Cleopatra(Film), 1963
Today in History:
Joan of Arc leads the French army in their capture of the city and the English commander, William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk in the second day of the Battle of Jargeau, 1429
The French begin their colonization of Algeria with the landing of 34,000 troops, 1830
The world’s first Fingerprint Bureau opens in Calcutta, India, after the Council of the Governor General approves a committee report that fingerprints should be used for classification of criminal records, 1897
Shooting begins on Paramount Pictures’ Dr. Cyclops, the first horror film photographed in three-strip Technicolor, 1939
Anne Frank gets her diary as a birthday present, 1942
The United States Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia declares all U.S. state laws which prohibit interracial marriage to be unconstitutional, 1967
The first man powered flight across the English Channel is performed by Bryan Allen in the Gossamer Albatross designed by Paul MacCready, 1979
At the Brandenburg Gate U.S. President Ronald Reagan publicly challenges Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, 1987
Russia Day – the parliament of the Russian Federation formally declares its sovereignty, 1990
Queen Elizabeth II reopens the Globe Theatre in London, 1997
A disputed presidential election in Iran leads to widespread protests, 2009
Ending an extensive study on the wooly mammoth, scientists conclude that they were wiped out by multiple things, including climate change, human hunters, and shifting habitats, 2012


All Things Fowl (Random Tuesday) and Pepe (Tuesday Fun)

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.) 


Tuesday means getting random with Stacy Uncorked.
Chicken and duck and quail sitting has presented a few challenges so far.
We had to move their base of operations, so to speak, to the side of the house that is shaded all day long.  The back yard gets full sun for several hours a day and i know Daughter-in-Law Becky does not want to come home to roasted birds.
This means they are on concrete at night when they are in the pen, so we had to go buy a hose and nozzle to spray off the concrete each morning when i refill their baby pool that serves as the ducks’ pond.
Every day we are going out there several times a day to give fresh water and make sure they have feed.  Also i’ve been cutting up grapes to give them.  At first they were skeptical, now they fight over them!
Sweetie and i have had fun learning to get them back in the pen at night.  The only way that seems to work is to gently drop a towel on them one at a time and quickly walk them to the pen, giving them no choice but to go in.  They are generally not happy about it, but so far, none the worse for it.
Today is Pepe’s annual visit to the vet.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s due for his shots.
Dr. D was in a great mood yesterday, a mood to get things going.  We got all of the bills prior to 2017 archived, so only the 2017 and 2018 bills are in the active files. 
We’ve had no luck getting her second phone to work, though.  Much calling of Google and Tracfone has resulted in us figuring out that she set the phone up with a gmail account, but it’s not any of the three she currently has active.  We have no clue how to go about finding a gmail account when you can’t remember what you called it, so the phone may be history.
After a full day with her, i went and did 3 hours with Ms. JAI.  It’s not her week, but she is having company this weekend and she needed the help.  Her bay window is sparkling (and the toilets are clean), so she is happy.
Sweetie and i are already talking about preparations for next week’s vacation.  The way my week has stacked up, i will be packing late Friday night and hitting the condo worn out on Saturday.
That’s okay, there’s a spot available where i like to sit back and examine the insides of my eyelids for cracks, and i intend to make copious use of it.
Tuesday is fun day with Sandee of Comedy Plus.
Pepe, the mildly deformed Chihuahua, is missing his mama.  He is also scared of the cats, since all of them are bigger than he is.  He won’t eat unless i hold the bowl and make sure the mean kitties don’t steal his food!
Hold the food for me!


Today is:
15th Khordad National Uprising — Iran (1963)
Apple II Day — the Apple II first went on sale today in 1977
    note that some historians say it went on sale June 10, others say the first models were shipped out that day
Arbor Day — New Zealand
Festival of Popular Delusions Day — begun as this was the last day before D-Day that the Germans could delude themselves that they could win; thus a day to question your own assumptions and try to align your beliefs with facts andUIKeyInputUpArrow reality
Grunklovsdag — Denmark and the Faroe Island (Constitution Day)
Indian Arrival Day — Suriname (marking the arrival of indentured laborers from the Indian subcontinent)
Judgement Day — Fairy Calendar (Nosegays)
Liberation Day — Seychelles
Natalicio de Oblang Nguema Mbasogo — Equatorial Guinea (President’s Day)
National Attitude Day — if this is really a day to celebrate, try to have a positive one
National Gingerbread Day
National Moonshine Day — with its own sponsor   
Nones of June — Ancient Roman Calendar; related observance
    Festival of Semo Sancus — god of loyalty, honesty and oaths (one of the oldest Roman cults, probably Etruscan or Oscan originally)
St. Boniface’s Day (Patron of brewers, file cutters, tailors; Fulda, Germany; Germamy; Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, Canada)
Stevenson Depot Days — Stevenson, AL, US (bringing back the days when the Iron Horse of the Rails was king of transportation; through Sunday)
World Environment Day — UN (this year’s theme, “Connecting People to Nature”)    
Birthdays Today:
Chad Allen, 1974
Mark Wahlberg, 1971
Brian McKnight, 1969
Kenny G, 1956
Jill Biden, 1951
Suze Orman, 1951
Ken Follett, 1949
Spalding Gray, 1941
Margaret Drabble, 1939
Bill Moyers, 1934
Tony Richardson, 1928
Richard Mcclure Scarry, 1919
William “Hopalong Cassidy” Boyd, 1895
Panco Villa, 1878
Adam Smith, 1723 (O.S. Date)
Thomas Chippendale, 1718
Pu Songling, 1640
Today in History:
Traditional date for the sinking of Atlantis, 8498BC
Titus and his Roman legions breach the middle wall of Jerusalem  in the Siege of Jerusalem, 70
Kraków, Poland  receives city  rights, 1257
The first Great Lakes steamer, the Frontenac, is launched, 1817
Houston, Texas is incorporated by the Republic of Texas, 1837
Denmark  becomes a constitutional monarchy, 1849
Harriet Beecher Stowe’s anti-slavery serial, Uncle Tom’s Cabin or, Life Among the Lowly starts a ten-month run in the National Era abolitionist newspaper, 1851
Denmark  amends its constitution to allow women’s suffrage, 1915
Elvis Presley introduces his new single, “Hound Dog”, on The Milton Berle Show, scandalizing the audience with his suggestive hip movements, 1956
The first government of the State of Singapore is sworn in, 1959
The Apple II, the first practical personal computer, goes on sale, 1977
Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi orders an attack on the Golden Temple, the holiest site of the Sikh religion, 1984
A severe heat wave across Pakistan  and India  reaches its peak, as temperatures exceed 50°C (122°F) in the region, 2003
The planet Venus makes its last transit of the 21st century beginning at 22:09 UTC June 5, and ending 4:49 UTC June 6, 2012


Tuesday is Randomly Fun

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.) 
Tuesday means random, and linking up with Stacy’s Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked.  
Jalopy is in the car hospital, and we do not know when she will recover.  Maybe by the end of the week.  Meanwhile, Lunceford is doing double duty, which right now includes taking care of Dr. D’s cats while she is out of town.
Helping her pack to leave was an adventure in itself.  She packs like Grandma, and unfortunately, i find myself becoming the same way the older i get.  Packing everything on earth you could possibly imagine needing makes for an overstuffed vehicle.
This also means i am back to stealth gardening.  The tomato plants she is tending at her friend’s house are huge, and one has 22 tomatoes on it.  She sprinkled them with Sevin dust before she left and told me to be careful when watering not to wash it off.
Little Girl has been pondering her chosen career path, and has been torn of late.  She does still want to go to school; her superiors where she is working right now want her to apply for a job and promotion and be in school only part time.  She would be an automatic E-5 if she gets the job.
Today i read her a quote that was sent to me:  There is something to be said for the willingness to follow opportunity, even if it is not what you had planned.
She told me that is the best thing i’ve said to her in days.
Mr. Marvin, the generator guy, called to set up our annual generator check-up.  It’s funny because about 2 weeks ago, i got a letter from him.  It had a generic add for his business, two business cards, and $62 cash in it.
Knowing that he didn’t owe me any money, i set it aside and we have played phone tag since.  He called yesterday and finally connected, he wanted to set up our annual visit.  That’s when i told him about the letter with the money, and he said, “So that’s where it went!  That was advertising money, and I wondered what happened to it!  I must have put the wrong address on the envelopes.”
We had a good laugh over the whole thing, and he will be coming on June 1.   The money will be waiting.
Tuesday is also fun day with Sandee of Comedy Plus.
The kittens got to playing in a sun puddle:




Dansig kept pretending he was not interested in watching:
No, I’m not watching you.
Yes, I turned to face you, that still doesn’t mean I’m watching.
Okay, I’m watching!
Today is:
Abolition Day — Martinique
Bear Waking Day — Norway (traditionally said to be the day the bears awaken from their hibernation, at least according to many sites)
Buy a Musical Instrument Day — even just a kazoo, and have some fun making music; maybe if this one spreads around the world and enough of us do it, it will foster some harmony in our lives
Harvey Milk Day — The Harvey Milk Foundation     
Independence Day — Montenegro
International Day for Biological Diversity — UN
National Maritime Day — US (commemorating the first transoceanic voyage under steam power)
National Sovereignty Day — Haiti
National Vanilla Pudding Day
RHS Chelsea Flower Show — Chelsea, London, England (the world’s greatest flower show celebrates its 104th anniversary; through Saturday)
St. Julia’s Day (Patron of torture victims; Corsica, Portugal; Livorno, Italy)
St. Rita of Cascia’s Day/La Abodada de Impossibles (Patron of desperate causes, difficult marriages, forgotten causes, illness, lost causes, parenthood, sick people, sterile people, victims of physical spousal abuse, widows, wounded people; against abuse, infertility, loneliness, sickness, sterility, wounds, unhappy marriages; Cascia, Italy; Dalayap, Philippines; Igbaras, Philippines)
Toad-Pinching Day — Fairy Calendar (Pixies)
Toothpaste Tube Day — the tube was invented on this day in 1892 by dentist Washington Wentworth Sheffield, who wanted to replace the unhygenic practice of dipping the brush into a jar of dental cream
Unity Day / National Day — Republic of Yemen
World Goth Day — Get your Goth on around the world!   
Birthdays Today:
Apollo Anton Ohno, 1982
Ginnifer Goodwin, 1978
A.J. Langer,1974
Naomi Campbell, 1970
Morrissey, 1959
George Best, 1946
Paul Winfield, 1941
Michael Sarrazin, 1940
Frank Converse, 1938
Richard Benjamin, 1938
Susan Strasberg, 1938
Garry Wills, 1934
Peter Nero, 1934
Charles Aznavour, 1924
Judith Crist, 1922
Sun Ra, 1914
Sir Laurence Olivier, 1907
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1859
Mary Cassatt, 1844
Richard Wagner, 1813
Debuting/Premiering Today:
“Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”(TV), 1967
“Paulus / St. Paul”(Oratorio, Mendelsshon Op. 36), 1836
Today in History:
The Macedonian army of Alexander the Great defeats Darius III of Persia in the Battle of the Granicus, BC334
The Hashshashin (Assassins) attempt to murder Saladin near Aleppo, 1176
Pope Gregory XI issues five papal bulls to denounce the doctrines of English theologian John Wycliffe, 1377
Richard, Duke of York, defeats and captures King Henry VI of England, 1455
A grand jury indicts former Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr on a charge of treason, 1807
On the second and last day of the Battle of Aspern-Essling (near Vienna), Napoleon is repelled by an enemy army for the first time, 1809
The SS Savannah leaves port at Savannah, Georgia, United States, on a voyage to become the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean; the ship arrived at Liverpool, England on June 20, 1819
HMS Beagle  departs on its first voyage, 1826
The transporting of British convicts to the New South Wales colony is abolished, 1840
Farmers Lester Howe and Henry Wetsel discover Howe Caverns, 1842
The Blackwall Tunnel under the River Thames is officially opened, 1897
The Wright brothers are granted U.S. patent number 821,393 for their “Flying-Machine”, 1906
Lassen Peak erupts with a powerful force, and is the only mountain other than Mount St. Helens to erupt in the continental US during the 20th century, 1915
The most powerful earthquake ever documented, the Great Chilean Quake, measures 9.5 and strikes southern Chile, 1960
The nuclear-powered submarine the USS Scorpion sinks with 99 men aboard 400 miles southwest of the Azores, 1968
Ceylon adopts a new constitution, thus becoming a Republic, changes its name to Sri Lanka, and joins the Commonwealth of Nations, 1972
Namco releases the highly influential arcade game Pac-Man, 1980
Microsoft  releases the Windows 3.0 operating system, 1990
Johnny Carson retires from The Tonight Show after 30 years, 1992
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia join the United Nations, 1992
A jury in Birmingham, Alabama, convicts former Ku Klux Klan member Bobby Frank Cherry of the 1963 murders of four girls in the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, 2002
Sarah West, a British naval officer Commander is appointed commander of HMS Portland, the Royal Navy frigate; she is the first female officer to take command of a major British warship, 2012