Last Mistake (Six Sentence Story) and Good Fences

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“I can explain!” his words were a desperate plea as the people he would call a rabble closed in on him.
“We’re tired of explanations from suits!” the leader of the workings spat back at him.
“We’re tired of words, and endless work, and no changes, and we don’t want an explanation, we want action!”
Workings surrounded the suit, who had unfortunately stepped out of the protected area to check the report of a non-functional door at the wrong moment, when they were changing shifts.
They had been plotting for a long time, what they would do if a suit ever came within their grasp; rigging the door to malfunction and the shift change warning light to not come on at the same time had taken a feat no suit thought a working could pull off.
It was the last time this suit would make that mistake, or any other, for that matter.
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This one i caught from inside the car, i like it and i hope to get a better picture of it someday:


Today is a rather sad anniversary.  Please only follow the link if you are prepared to read straight talk.   
Today is:
Bear Lake Days –Bear Lake, MI, US (the fun even includes a Venetian boat parade; through Sunday)
Different Colored Eyes Day — people with heterochromia, celebrate!
Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo — Vernal, UT, US (one of the top rodeos in the country; through Saturday)
Etch-a-Sketch Day — the toy was first manufactured on this day in 1960, timed to hit toy shelves for Christmas that year
Hodag Country Festival — Rhinelander, WI, US (at the Hodag “50” Track, a large open-air country music festival; through Sunday)
Hot Dog Nite — Luverne, MN, US (free hot dogs to all comers!)
Independence Day — Kiribati(1979; a/k/a National Day); Sao Tome & Principe(1975)
Kronia — Ancient Greek Calendar (date approximate, a festival for Kronos, part of which included masters and slaves switching places for a meal)
National Pecan Pie Day
Orangemen’s Day (a/k/a Twelfth Day) — Northern Ireland (Battle of the Boyne commemoration)
Oregon Trail Days — Gering, NE, US (the oldest continuing celebration of the Oregon Trail; through Sunday)
Rainmaker Day — Salem, Oregon (while it is understood that in Salem, you are more likely to rust than sunburn, from 1892 until 2006, no measurable rain fell on this date in this normally wet city)
Simplicity Day — sponsored by on Thoreau’s birthday, highlighting the concepts in the book Voluntary Simplicty by Duane Elgin, and advocating finding sustainable ways to live
St. John Gualbert’s Day (Patron of foresters and forest workers, park services and parks)
St. Veronica’s Day (Patron of laundry workers and photographers)
Anniversaries Today
Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr, 1543 (the lucky wife who outlived him)
Birthdays Today
Erik Per Sullivan, 1991
Michelle Rodriguez, 1978
Brock Lesnar, 1977
Anna Friel, 1976
Kristi Yamaguchi, 1971
Lisa Nicole Carson, 1969
Rolonda Watts, 1959
Mel Harris, 1957
Paul Guilfoyle, 1955
Cheryl Ladd, 1951
Jamey Sheridan, 1951
Richard Simmons, 1948
Denise Nicholas, 1945
Christine McVie, 1943
Bill Cosby, 1937
Van Cliburn, 1934
Andrew Wyeth, 1917
Curly Joe DeRita, 1909
Milton Berle, 1908
Pablo Neruda, 1904
R. Buckminster Fuller, 1895
Oscar Hammerstein II, 1895
George Washington Carver, 1861
George Ohr, 1857
George Eastman, 1854
Henry David Thoreau, 1817
Josiah Wedgwood, 1730
Debuting/Premiering Today:
“Northern Exposure”(TV), 1990
“Family Feud”(TV), 1976
“Evening At Pops”(TV), 1970
“The Adventures of Sam Spade”(Radio), 1946
“Baseball’s Sad Lexicon (Tinker to Evers to Chance)”(Publication date), 1910
Today in History
England is unified by Athelstan of England, 927
Saladin’s garrison surrenders to Conrad of Montferrat, ending the two-year siege of Acre, 1191
Fray Diego de Landa, acting Bishop of Yucatan, burns the sacred books of the Maya, 1562
Ostrog Bible, the first printed Bible in a Slavic language, is published, 1580
The United States invades Canada at Windsor, Ontario, 1812
The Commonwealth Franchise Act, granting women’s suffrage in Australia, is given royal assent and takes effect, 1902
Pune, India floods due to failure of Khadakvasala and Panshet dams; half of the city is submerged and the death toll exceeded 2000, 1961
A fire destroys the entire 6th floor of the National Personnel Records Center of the United States, 1973
Boris Yeltsin quits the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1990
Israel invades Lebanon in response to Hezbollah’s kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, 2006
A ticket holder in Britain wins the largest EuroMillions jackpot in history, 161,653,000GBP, 2011
The Rolling Stones, English rock band, celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its first performance at the Marquee Club in Oxford Street, London, 2012



Like Old Times (Six Sentence Story) and Good Fences

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“It’s just like old times, isn’t it?” Tim said to his mother, as they worked on a car exhaust system.
“Well, not exactly, but close enough,” Marty laughed as one of the grandchildren came running in, chased by a second.
“Slow down there, boys,” Tim said, “come on over here so Grandma can show you how to change out a muffler!”
“We’re going to do plenty of that while they are here for two weeks this summer,” Marty noted.
The elder boy shook his head and announced, “Mom said to come get you two, it’s time for dinner,” and then he added, “Mom says you two would live out here in the shop if you could.”
Tim and Marty looked at each other and laughed, and Marty said, “Tell Grace we are washing up and will be in soon.”
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Gosia, of Looking for Identity, has taken over Good Fences, and it’s now Good Fences Around The World.  Post a picture of a fence or gate, link back to her blog, and go visit others blog to see what interesting fences there are out in this big world.
This one had nice iron scrollwork.
Today is:
Alice in Wonderland Day — on July 5, 1862, Dodgson began writing the adventure story he had told Alice Liddel and her sisters the day before
Bikini Day — the skimpy suit made its debut on this day in Paris in 1946
Constitution Day — Armenia
Feast of Anubis — Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)
Graham Cracker Day — birth anniversary of inventor of graham flour, the Reverend Sylvester Graham, in 1794
Independence Day — Algeria(1962); Cape Verde(1965); Venezuela(1811)
National Apple Turnover Day
National Work-a-holics Day — we will know it’s you if you are all “back to business” after a holiday
Ottawa Bluesfest — Ottawa, Canada (fabulous music through the 15th)
Poplifulgia — Ancient Roman Calendar (a ceremony to commemorate the “Flight of the People” when they had to flee enemies)
Sts. Cyril and Methodius Day — Roman Catholics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Apostles to the Slavs, created the Glagolithic alphabet and translated the Bible into the Slavonic language)
Sts. Grace and Probus’ Day (married co-Patrons of Probus, Cornwall, England)
Tynwald Day — Isle of Man (Manx National Day; assembling of the year’s session of the High Court of Tynwald, as their Parliament is called, to read the laws to the citizens; oldest continual parliament in existence)
Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival — Greensburg, PA, US (multicultural celebration of food, fine arts, handicrafts, and music from many nations; through Sunday)
Birthdays Today
Dolly the Sheep, 1996 (first cloned mammal)
Edie Falco, 1963
Huey Lewis, 1951
Richard Michael “Goose” Gossage, 1951
Jackie Robertson, 1944
Eliot Feld, 1942
Shirley Knight, 1936
Katherine Helmond, 1934
Warren Oates, 1928
Janos Starker, 1924
Georges Pompidou, 1911
Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., 1902
Jean Cocteau, 1889
Clara Zetkin, 1857
Cecil Rhodes, 1853
P.T. Barnum, 1810
David Glasgow Farragut, 1801
Debuting/Premiering Today:
Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica(Publication date), 1687
Today in History
Scotland and France form the beginnings of the Auld Alliance, against England, 1295
John Guy sets sail from Bristol with 39 other colonists for Newfoundland, 1610
Isaac Newton publishes Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 1687
The Salvation Army is founded in the East End of London, England, 1865
Police open fire on striking longshoremen in San Francisco, on Bloody Thursday, 1934
Spam, the luncheon meat, is introduced into the market by the Hormel Foods Corporation, 1937
Highest recorded temperature in Canada, at Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan: 45°C (113°F), 1937
Larry Doby signs a contract with the Cleveland Indians baseball team, becoming the first black player in the American League, 1947
National Health Service Acts created the national public health systems in the United Kingdom, 1948
The Knesset passes the Law of Return which grants all Jews the right to immigrate to Israel, 1950
William Shockley invents the junction transistor, 1951
The BBC broadcasts its first television news bulletin, 1954
Arthur Ashe becomes the first black man to win the Wimbledon singles title, 1975
Japan launches a probe to Mars, and thus joins the United States and Russia as a space exploring nation, 1998
The SARS virus is declared to be contained by the WHO, 2003
Indonesia holds its first presidential election, 2004
Roger Federer wins a record 15th Grand Slam title in tennis, winning a five set match against Andy Roddick at Wimbledon, 2009
The largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold ever discovered, consisting of more than 1,500 items, is found near the village of Hammerwich, near Lichfield, in Staffordshire, England, 2009
Europe’s tallest, habitable, free-standing structure, The Shard, which stands at 1,016 feet (309.6 metres) officially opens in London, England, 2012
In Rome, Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII are canonized by the Vatican, 2013


What Manner of Contraption (Six Sentence Story) and Good Fences

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“What manner of contraption is that?” the older woman asked with such obvious curiosity that I knew she wanted to try it out for herself.
“It’s an iPad,” I told her, “it does a lot of what your computer in there does, but I can carry it with me.”
“Oh, look, it has a keypad, and it folds up just like a laptop, and — you say  you can carry it with you and get online anywhere?”
“Yes, it can use wifi or use my phone data, and I bought the bluetooth keyboard to go with it, that makes it more like a regular computer and easier to use.”
“May I try it, I need to send an email to those two young buck attorneys of mine, make sure they are keeping up with everything, and it’s too hard to do it on my tiny phone and the computer has been acting up again.”
“Sure,” I told her, and got her started on it, glad to see her enthusiasm for a new “contraption”.
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(For those who might be wondering, yes, Dr. D is 80 and loves to learn new technology.)
Gosia, of Looking for Identity, has taken over Good Fences, and it’s now Good Fences Around The World.  Post a picture of a fence or gate, link back to her blog, and go visit others to see what interesting fences see what interesting fences there are out in this big world.    
Some fences are just for decorative purposes.
Today is:
Constitution day — Ukraine
Festival of Terrible Poetry — according to The Daily Bleed, and since there is some hilarious, if terrible, poetry out there, go find some, and bust a gut
Freedom Days — Farmington, NM, US (the Four Corners region celebrates freedom and The 4th in a big way; through July 4)
Full Strawberry Moon / Rose Moon; related observances
    Ancient Celtic month Equos (horse-time) begins
    Nayon Full Moon — Mayanmar
    Poson Full Moon Poya Day — Sri Lanka
Insurance Awareness Day — now who do you think invented that!?!
International Body Piercing Day — on the birthday of James Mark “Jim” Ward, “the granddaddy of the modern body piercing movement”    
International CAPS LOCK DAY — a parody holiday created by Derek Arnold, a user on Metafilter, in 2000
Mnarja / L-Imnarja Festival begins — Buskett Gardens, Malta (folk festival for Sts. Peter and Paul, begins this evening and continues through the 29th)
National Bomb Pop Day — on the Thursday in June right before US Independence Day, to kick off the celebration with the original red, white, and blue bomb pops
National Ceviche Day
National Handshake Day — US; sponsored by professional development companies on the last Thursday in June, encouraging everyone to develop a good, professional handshake
National Tapioca Day
Oregon Bach Festival — University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US (international gathering of musicians, master classes and performances, and family events so even the youngest music fans can fall in love with the works of J.S. Bach and other masters; through July 14)
Paul Bunyan Day — the tall tale hero of the lumberjacks; celebrated at different times in some parts of the country, but most sites cite this date
Ra goes forth to propitiate the Nun — Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)
Saint Ignace Auto Show — St. Ignace, MI, US (parade, cruise night, and swap meet; through Saturday)
Stonewall Rebellion Day — now seen as the start of the gay liberation movement in 1969
St. Irenaeus’ Day (Patron of Mobile, Alabama)
St. Paul’s Feast — Kato Paphos, Cyprus (religious festivities with the archbishop officiating and a procession of the icon of St. Paul through the streets, through tomorrow)
St. Peter’s Eve — English Christian tradition, night of bonfires and continuation of midsummer celebrations
Telluride Wine Festival — Telluride, CO, US (meet winemakers, celebrity chefs, experts and authors for an unparalleled educational and epicurian experience; through Sunday)
Thangka Unveiling at Tashihungpo — Tibet (Buddha Exhibition Festival, in which the large Thangka with the image of Buddha on it is unfolded in public) related observance
   Zamling Chisang — Universal Prayer Day (to the Tibetan Deities, especially Samye Dolde)
Thanksgiving for Useful Fairies — Fairy Calendar
Vidovdan (Festival for St. Vitus) — Eastern Orthodox Christian, based on the traditional Julian Calendar date
    a recognized holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Watermelon Thump with World Champion Seed Spitting Contest — Luling, TX, US (fun for all, and lots of juicy watermelon, bring lots of wet wipes, enjoy the music and food and crafts, too; through Sunday)
Anniversaries Today:
Harry S. Truman marries Bess Wallace, 1919
Birthdays Today:
Kellie Pickler, 1986
Steve Burton, 1970
Danielle Brisebois, 1969
John Cusack, 1966
Mary Stuart Masterson, 1966
Mark Grace, 1964
John Elway, 1960
Thomas Hampson, 1955
Alice Krige, 1954
Kathy Bates, 1948
Gilda Radner, 1946
Bruce Davison, 1946
Turkan Soray, 1945
Pat Morita, 1932
Mel Brooks, 1926
Maria Goeppert Mayer, 1906
Richard Rodgers, 1902
Clara Louise Maass, 1876
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1712
John Wesley, 1703
Peter Paul Rubens, 1577
Henry VIII, King of England, 1491
Debuting/Premiering Today:
The Nutty Professor(Film), 1996
“Amos ‘n’ Andy”(TV), 1951
“Quiz Kids”(Radio), 1940
Today in History:
Fighters of the First Crusade defeat Kerbogha of Mosul, 1098
Ottomans defeat Serbian army in the bloody Battle of Kosovo, opening the way for the Ottoman conquest of Southeastern Europe, 1389
Guadeloupe becomes a French colony, 1635
The coronation of Victoria of the United Kingdom, 1838
The Théâtre de l’Académie Royale de Musique in Paris premieres the ballet Giselle, 1841
The first conformation dog show is held in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, 1859
Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria and his wife Sophie are assassinated in Sarajevo by young Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip, the casus belli of World War I, 1914
The Treaty of Versailles is signed in Paris, formally ending World War I, 1919
The Irish Civil War begins with the shelling of the Four Courts in Dublin by Free State forces, 1922
Israel annexes East Jerusalem, 1967
COMECON, as part of the last vestige of the Soviet Bloc, is formally disbanded, followed by the Warsaw pact 3 days later, 1991
Slobodan Milosevic is deported to ICTY to stand trial, 2001
The Republic of Montenegro is admitted as the 192nd Member of the United Nations, 2006
The U.N. reports 10 million people are effected by the worst drought in 60 years, 2011
A SpaceX cargo rocket explodes shortly after launch; the unmanned vessel was carrying over two tons of food, provisions, supplies and equipment for the International Space Station, 2015


Husband Halo (Six Sentence Story) and Good Fences

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“I think you are going to agree that today it’s time for me to polish up my ‘excellent husband’ halo,” he called her at work, and she could hear the mischief in his voice that told her he was smiling and up to something.
“And what, pray tell, makes you say that?” she asked with barely suppressed mirth.
“First,” he noted, “I talked my mother into taking all three children to spend the night at their house, and we don’t have to go get them until noon, second, I talked your boss into letting you off early today so I am on my way to pick you up, and third, I scored tickets to that show you’ve been wanting to see.  We are going to go home, get all fancy, go to dinner and see the show, so as to put me in ‘excellent husband’ standing!”
“Not only does it put the extra polish on your halo,” she practically yelled as she danced around her office wildly, “it reminds me of why I married you!”
That, he thought to himself, makes it worth all the effort.
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Gosia, of Looking for Identity, has taken over Good Fences, and it’s now Good Fences Around The World.  Post a picture of a fence or gate, link back to her blog, and go visit others to see what interesting fences there are out in this big world.    
From vacation, a lovely iron fence in Mobile, Alabama:


Today is:
Baby Boomer Recognition Day 
Father’s Day — Egypt; Jordan; Lebanon; Palestine; Syria; Uganda (always June 21 in these countries)
Festival of the Tarasque — Tarascon, France (celebration of the legend of the dragon tamed by St. Martha; through Monday)
Helen Keller Festival — Tuscumbia, AL, US (performances of The Miracle Worker, historic tours, other entertainment, a fair, and more; through Sunday)
Galesburg Railroad Days — Galesburg, IL, US (celebrating the city’s railroad heritage with carnival, exhibits, and more; through Sunday)
Go Skateboarding Day — and break something?  leaving this to the young; sponsored by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC)    
Martyr’s Day — Togo
National Aboriginal Day / First Nations Day — NT, Canada
National ASK Day — prevent gun violence and accidental deaths, ASK if there is an unlocked gun anywhere that your child plays, because Asking Saves Kids
National Dump the Pump Day — The American Public Transportation Association encourages you to consider public transportation as a way to cut down on high gasoline prices    
National Peaches & Cream Day
Reaping Machine Day — Cyrus McCormick was granted a patent for his mechanical reaper this day in 1834
Recess at Work Day — engage in productive play!   
Shakespeare on the Green — University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE, US (nonprofit professional productions of the Bard’s works, including preshow seminars, workshops, period music and entertainment; this year’s performances will be King John and Much Ado About Nothing, through July 8)
Solstice — 10:07am UTC/06:07am EDT; related observances:
    Aimless Wandering Day — use the extra daylight to wander someplace with nothing particular to do
    Anne and Samantha Day — remembrance for Anne Frank and Samantha Smith, and their contributions to our world 
    Daylight Appreciation Day — celebrating the benefits of sunshine 
    Finally Summer Day/Finally Winter Day
    Hump Day — Tasmania (because it is the shortest in the year, Taswegians today feel they are over the “hump” of winter.)
    Inti Raymi — Inca (festival of the sun god Inti, ongoing);Sacsayhuamán Andes Mountain Natives (winter solstice and New Year festival)
    Litha / Yule — Wicca/Pagan (northern hemisphere / southern hemisphere)
    Midnight Sun Baseball Game — Fairbanks, AK, US (begins promptly at 10:35pm local time, and played without any artificial lights allowed)
    Midsomarsblog — Norse Viking celebrations (time of fishing, trading, and raiding)
    Midsummer — Midsummer Festivals begin — Juhannus Day in Finland and Midsommar in Denmark and Norway, celebrated over the next several days in many Scandinavian traditions; often this time is also associated with betrayal, as the sunlight begins to decrease, this is when Baldur was betrayed, as well as Sigurd. 
    Midsummer — Asatru/Slavic Pagan
    Midsummer Baal — Ancient Celtic Calendar
    Polar Bear Swim — Nome, AK, US (if they can break through the ice!)
    Solsticio de Invierno / Ano Nuevo Aymara — Bolivia (Winter Solstice / Aymara Indiginous People’s New Year)
    We Tripantu — Chile (Mapuche natives winter solstice festival)
    Wadjet Summer Solstice Ceremony — Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate, it may have been a multi-day ceremony that began on Midsummer’s Eve)
St. Alban’s Day (Patron of epileptics, people with hernias; against epilepsy, hernias, kidney stones)
St. Aloysius Gonzanga’s Day (Protector of young students, young men; Patron of AIDS care-givers and patients; for relief from pestilence; Castiglione delle Stiviere, Italy; Valmonte, Italy; against sore eyes)
Tiger-Get-By’s Third Birthday — Fairy Calendar
Ulloortuneq — Greenland (National Day)
World Handshake Day — no one likes them fishy, and it’s not a contest; practice a firm grip and a smile! not to be confused with National Handshake Day, today’s sponsor is here    
World Music Day — begun in the UK, now celebrated everywhere    
Anniversaries Today:
New Hampshire becomes the 9th US State, 1788
Birthdays Today:
Kris Allen, 1985
Prince William (William Arthur Philip Louis), 1982
Juliette Lewis, 1973
Larry Wachowski, 1965
Sammi Davis-Voss, 1964
Doug Savant, 1964
Berkeley Breathed, 1957
Rick Sutcliffe, 1956
Benazir Bhutto, 1953
Nils Lofgren, 1951
Meredith Baxter, 1947
Michael Gross, 1947
Ray Davies, 1944
Mariette Hartley, 1940
Joe Flaherty, 1940
Bernie Kopell, 1933
Maureen Stapleton, 1925
Jane Russell, 1921
Jean-Paul Sartre, 1905
Al Hirschfeld, 1903
Reinhold Niebuhr, 1892
Henry Ossawa Tanner, 1859
Daniel Carter Beard, 1850
Daniel D. Tompkins, 1774
Martha Dandridge Custis Washington, 1731
Increase Mather, 1639
Debuting/Premiering Today:
“Evita”(Musical), 1978
“Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg”(Wagner opera), 1868
Today in History:
Jews are expelled from Nurenberg Bavaria by Emperor Maximillian, 1498
The Incident at Honno-ji takes place in Kyoto, Japan, 1582
In Montreal in New France, a slave known by the French name of Marie-Joseph Angélique is put to death, having been convicted of the arson that destroyed much of the city, 1734
Halifax, Nova Scotia, is founded, 1749
The first Victoria Cross is awarded during the bombardment of Bomarsund in the Åland Islands, 1854
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police fire a volley into a crowd of unemployed war veterans, killing two, during the Winnipeg General Strike, 1919
The first successful west-to-east navigation of Northwest Passage begins at Vancouver, British Columbia, 1940
Columbia Records introduces the long-playing record album in a public demonstration at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, 1948
Ellen Louks Fairclough is sworn in as Canada’s first woman Cabinet Minister, 1957
In handing down the decision in Miller v. California 413 US 15, the Supreme Court of the United States establishes the Miller Test for obscenity in U.S. law, 1973
SpaceShipOne becomes the first privately funded spaceplane to achieve spaceflight, 2004
Pluto’s newly discovered moons are officially named Nix & Hydra, 2006
Greenland assumes self-rule, 2009

The U.S. officially charges Edward Snowden with espionnage, 2013


To Kiss or Not to Kiss (Six Sentence Story) and Good Fences

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.) 
“I’m telling you, you have to look into this place, you will love it!”
“Of all the restaurants in this town we could go to, the only one you want to investigate is the one where you kiss the moose?”
“It’s a tradition, and the steaks are worth it!”
“No steak is worth kissing a moose, and i’m a vegetarian anyway.”
“Please, please, can’t we go, it’s a place that has character, you become an honorary Irishman just by stepping in, the bean soup is only eighteen cents a bowl, and there’s over a million dollars in signed dollar bills on the ceiling!”
“Okay, okay, we’ll try McGuire’s Irish Pub — but i am not kissing any moose!”
Linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge Blog, where she hosts Six Sentence Stories, and the cue is Investigate.   
Some of the dollar bills on the ceiling.


No, i did not kiss the moose!
Gosia, of Looking for Identity, has taken over Good Fences, and it’s now Good Fences Around The World.  Post a picture of a fence or gate, link back to her blog, and go visit others to see what interesting fences there are out in this big world.   
Vacation location fences, the first is the state park fence.  It’s looking like close to time to replace it:
Fences between the pools and the beach used to be very small and made of wood.  The powers that be felt sorry for parents whose small children would jump those little fences in glee and head for the water, and so replaced them:


Today is:
Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival — Avon, OH, US (everything wacky and wonderful about duct tape is celebrated in the Duct Tape Capital of the World, home of the Duck brand of duct tape; through Sunday)
Czech Days — Tabor, SD, US (celebrating foods and traditions of the Czech people who settled this area; through Sunday)
Eid al Fitr — Islam (celebration of the end of Ramadan; begins at sundown, and runs through sundown on the 17th, but local dates and official government observances may vary)
Family History Day — sponsored by Wellcat Holidays, urging people to brush up on family history during summer family reunions
Feast Day of Elisha the Prophet — Christian
Flag Day — United States
Fort Union Trading Post Rendezvous — Williston, ND, US (re-creation of the fur trade era; through Sunday)
Freedom Day — Malawi
Kiamichi Owa-Chito Festival of the Forest — Beaver’s Bend State Park, Broken Bow, OK, US (celebration of Native American culture; through Saturday)
Leinapaev — Estonia (Mourning and Commemoration Day; remembering those deported under Soviet rule)
Liberation Day — Falkland Islands
Mourning and Hope Day — Lithuania (remembering those exiled to Siberia under the Soviets)
National Bourbon Day — celebrating America’s “Native Spirit”     
National Strawberry Shortcake Day
Pause for the Pledge Day — US, in conjunction with Flag Day, all citizens are asked to pause at 7pm EDT to recite the Pledge
Pig Callers’ Day — no clue where this came from, or why; any pig callers out there want to weigh in?
Pop Goes the Weasel Day — and just as no one knows for sure the origins of the song or it’s meaning, no one knows why it is celebrated on this day
Prairie Villa Rendezvous — Prairie du Chien, WI, US (learn about the fur trader lifestyle of days gone by, make Indian fry bread, learn how hard it was to load a rifle with gunpowder back in the day, learn about plants and medicines, and more; through Sunday)
Rice Planting Festivals — Sumiyoshi Shrine, Osaka and Izawanomiya Shrine, Mie Prefecture, Japan (rice planting at sacred fields, some rites date back over 1,700 years)
Rumor Sunday — Fairy Calendar (usually held on a weekday)
Runic Half-month Dag (day) commences
Sam Steele Days — Cranbrook, BC, Canada (fun for all, celebrating the life and legend of Sam Steele of the North-West Mounted Police in the 1880’s; through Sunday)
Sandpaper Day — Isaac Fisher, Jr., of Vermont, was issued the first US patent for sandpaper on this day in 1834
St. Basil the Great’s Day (traditional date in Roman Catholic Church, current date in Episcopal Church; Patron of education, exorcisms, hospital administrators, monks, liturgists, reformers; Cappadocia; Russia)
St. Castora Gabrielli’s Day (Patron of difficult marriages, widows)
Steamboat Days — Burlington, IA, US (fun on the Mississippi Riverfront; through Sunday)
World Blood Donor Day — International (2018’s host country is Greece, and the emphasis is “Be There For Someone Else”)    
    Blood Type Awareness Day — while donating, make sure you know your type, and that of your loved ones; in an emergency, it’s good to know
Anniversaries Today:
The United States Army is founded, 1775
Munich, Germany is founded, 1158
Birthdays Today:
Daryl Sabara, 1992
Lucy Hale, 1989
Kevin McHale, 1988
Diablo Cody, 1978
Steffi Graf, 1969
Yasmine Bleeth, 1968
Traylor Howard, 1966
Boy George, 1961
Eric Arthur Heiden, 1958
Will Patton, 1954
Eddie Mekka, 1952
Donald Trump, 1946
John F. MacArthur, 1939
Jerzy Kosinski, 1933
Joe Arpaio, 1932
Marla Gibbs, 1931
Che Guevara, 1928
Pierre Salinger, 1925
Gene Barry, 1919
Burl Ives, 1909
Alois Alzheimer, 1864
John Bartlett, 1820
Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1811
Debuting/Premiering Today:
The Cable Guy(Film), 1996
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves(Film), 1991
“The Gong Show”(TV), 1976
Today in History:
Kublai Khan defeated the force of Nayan and other traditionalist Borjigin  princes in East Mongolia and Manchuria, 1287
Richard II in England meets leaders of Peasants’ Revolt on Blackheath and the Tower of London is stormed by rebels who enter without resistance, 1381
Margaret Jones is hanged in Boston for witchcraft in the first such execution for the Massachusetts colony, 1648
The Stars and Stripes is adopted by Congress as the Flag of the United States, 1777
Bounty mutiny survivors including Captain William Bligh and 18 others reach Timor after a nearly 7,400 km (4,000-mile) journey in an open boat, 1789
Whiskey distilled from maize is first produced by American clergyman the Rev Elijah Craig, who named it Bourbon because he lived in Bourbon County, Kentucky, 1789
Badi VII, king of Sennar, surrenders his throne and realm to Ismail Pasha, general of the Ottoman Empire, ending the existence of that Sudanese kingdom, 1821
The village of Henley, on the River Thames in Oxfordshire, stages its first Royal Regatta, 1839
Trade unions are legalised in Canada, 1872
Norway adopts female suffrage, 1907
John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown depart St. John’s, Newfoundland on the first nonstop transatlantic  flight, 1919
Action Comics issue one is released, introducing Superman, 1938
The Canadian Library Association is established, 1946
UNIVAC I, the world’s first commercial computer, is dedicated by the U.S. Census Bureau, 1951
The European Space Research Organisation is established in Paris – later becoming the European Space Agency, 1962
The Vatican announces the abolition of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, 1966
The 1994 Stanley Cup Riots occur after the New York Rangers win the Stanley Cup from Vancouver, 1994
The Wallow Fire becomes the largest wildfire in the history of the US State of Arizona, 2011
Australia announces its plan to create the largest marine reserve in the world, 2012


“Get Shed Of” (Six Sentence Story) and Good Fences

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It is not so easy to shed the chains that can bind us, whether it be bad habits or bad company or worse.
If we don’t shed them, though, it can break hearts.
#1 Son lost a friend this week, a friend who had been clean and sober from drugs for a couple of years, who had even become a mentor at a sober living house.
The young man fell off the wagon, and it cost him his life.
His younger brother died of a drug overdose about 7 months ago; they were the only two children in that family.
If you have such a chain, please shed it, before it is too late.
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Gosia, of Looking for Identity, has taken over Good Fences, and it’s now Good Fences Around The World.  Post a picture of a fence or gate, link back to her blog, and go visit others to see what interesting fences there are out in this big world.    
Some fences look welcoming, but some, like this, look like they mean to say “Keep Out!”
The house’s back is to the street, and the gate says stay away.
Today is:
Birthday of Prince Joachim — Denmark
Curwood Festival — Owosso, MI, US (over 40 events commemorate the life and work of James Oliver Curwood, the Owosso-born author and conservationist; through Sunday)
Daniel Boone Day — Kentucky, US (date in he first sighted, in 1767, what would become Kentucky)
Flag Day — Peru
Glenn Miller Birthplace Society Festival — Clarinda, IA, US (come celebrate the music of an era; through Sunday)
Journalist’s Day — Argentina (marking the first publication of a newspaper in Argentina on this day in 1810)
Judgement Day — Fairy Calendar (Leaping songs)
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
Sette Giugno — Malta (commemoration of the tragedy of June 7, 1919, considered their National Day)
Shelburne County Lobster Festival — Shelburne County, NS, Canada (celebrating the Lobster Capital of Canada; through Sunday)
Show-Me State Games — Colombia, MO, US (Olympic-style sports festival for all ages and skill levels, to encourage people to develop their physical and competitive abilites to the height of their potential through participation in fitness activities; through Sunday, and again July 20-20 and 27-29)
St. Meriadoc’s Day (Patron of the deaf and against deafness)
Superman Celebration — Metropolis, IL, US (only in Metropolis, right? through Sunday)
Union Dissolution Day — Norway
VCR Day — the first Sony Betamax went on sale today in 1975
Vestalia — Ancient Roman Calendar (multi-day festival for Vesta, goddess of the hearth, this first day termed the Vesta Asperit; through the 15th)
Vivien Kellems Memorial Day — born this date in 1896, she fought the IRS and income tax for her whole life
Winnipeg International Children’s Festival — The Forks, Winnipeg, MB, CA (a premier family festival with incomparable entertainment and activities; through Sunday)
Anniversaries Today:
Jimmy Osmond marries Michele Larson, 1991
YMCA is founded by George Williams, 1844
Birthdays Today:
Michael Cera, 1988
Anna Kournikova, 1981
Larisa Oleynik, 1981
Bill Hader, 1978
Allen Iverson, 1975
Bear Grulls, 1974
Karl Urban, 1972
Roberto Alagna, 1963
Prince, 1958
Louise Erdrich, 1954
Liam Neeson, 1952
Orham Pamuk, 1952
Jenny Jones, 1946
Bill Kreutzmann, Jr, 1946
Tom Jones, 1940
John Napier Turner, 1929
Gwendolyn Brooks, 1917
Dean Martin, 1917
Jessica Tandy, 1909
Virginia Apgar, 1909
James Braddock, 1906
Paul Gauguin, 1848
Debuting/Premiering Today:
Ghostbusters(Film), 1984
“Johnny Cash Show”(TV), 1969
“The $64,000 Question”(TV), 1955
“The Seven Deadly Sins”(satirical ballet chanté), 1933
Today in History:
The first Crusaders begin their Siege of Jerusalem, 1099
Port Royal, Jamaica, is devastated by an earthquake, 1692
David Thompson reaches the mouth of the Saskatchewan River in Manitoba, 1800
Asian cholera reaches Quebec, brought by Irish immigrants, and kills about 6,000 people in Lower Canada, 1832
1,800 Fenian raiders are repelled back to the United States after they loot and plunder around Saint-Armand and Frelighsburg, Quebec, 1866
Tolbert Lanston receives patents for monotype typesetting machines, 1887
Norway’s parliament dissolves  its union with Sweden, 1905
Sony introduces the Betamax videocassette recorder for sale to the public, 1975
Priscilla Presley opens Graceland to the public, 1982
Mt. Pinatubo erupts, sending an ash cloud 7km/14.3mi high, 1992
The United Nations defines the Blue Line as the border between Israel and Lebanon, 2000
According to a new study, breast milk boosts brain development by 30% compared to babies who are fed formula, 2013


Not Afraid (Six Sentence Story) and Good Fences

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“Have you ever had this close a brush with death?” he hissed in her ear, making sure she felt the cold steel on her neck.
She knew her life depended on keeping her voice steady, even cold, and she did so as she answered, “Yes, even closer.”
“Really?” he almost laughed, and as he shifted his weapon his lifted the hair on her neck and ran his fingers along her hairline, while she suppressed her shiver of disgust and simply said, “Yes, really.”
“You’re pretending not to be scared of me, but you should be very afraid,” his voice had become hard, and he tightened his grip.
Now or never, she thought, and she let her breath out as hard as she could while pulling herself down out of his grip with all her might and kicking backward with her left leg, just as she had been taught.
Caught off guard, he instinctively grabbed for the leg she had kicked and so she was able to knock the gun from his hand and get him to the floor; while he lay there writhing in agony from her second kick, which was to the groin, she said, “I’m not afraid of you, I’m a mother and I take karate with my children!”
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Gosia, of Looking for Identity, has taken over Good Fences, and it’s now Good Fences Around The World.  Post a picture of a fence or gate, link back to her blog, and go visit others to see what interesting fences there are out in this big world.   
This one is very pretty to me:


Today is:
Bicycle Race Day — anniversary of what is supposed to have been the first bicycle race ever, at the Parc de Saint-Cloud, Paris, in 1868
Corpus Christi — Catholic Christian
Dia de Castilla-La Mancha — Castile-La Mancha, Spain
Doha Document for Peace in Darfur Commemoration — Sudan
European Maritime Day — European Council (this year’s host for the conferences is Bulgas, Bulgaria, through tomorrow, with a lineup of activities for the general public at the Burgas Sea Festival)
Fardagar — Traditional Icelandic Calendar (time when farm workers moved from one farm to another, the time to settle debts, and until the 20th-Century, the day to start the fiscal year; always the Thursday through Sunday of the 7th week of summer)
Feast of the Visitation of Mary — Christianity (Mary’s visit of her cousin Elizabeth, chronicled in Luke 1:39-56)
Friendship Festival — Lathrop, Missouri, US (including the super hero look-alike contest; through Saturday)
Great American Brass Band Festival — Danville, KY, US (this year’s theme is Brass Greats of American Jazz; through Sunday)
“Make My Day” Day — birth anniversary of Clint Eastwood
National Macaroon Day
Royal Brunei Malay Regiment Day / Royal Brunei Armed Forces Day — Brunei
Save Your Hearing Day — because once it is gone, you will regret it; on the anniversary of the concert by The Who which set a Guiness World Record for loudest rock concert in 1976
Speak in Complete Sentences Day — be a good example!
St. Petronilla’s Day (Patron of mountain travellers; against fever)
Take This Job and Shove It Day — birth anniversary of Johnny Paycheck
This Day (again) — Fairy Calendar
What You Think Upon Grows Day — Stephanie West Allen wants you to remember the power of positive thinking
Birthdays Today:
Jonathan Tucker, 1982
Colin Farrell, 1976
Phil Keoghan, 1967
Brooke Shields, 1965
Lea Thompson, 1961
Chris Elliot, 1960
Roma Maffia, 1958
Kyle Secor, 1958
Gregory Harrison, 1950
Tom Berenger, 1950
John Bonham, 1948
Sharon Gless, 1943
Joe Namath, 1943
Johnny Paycheck, 1941
Terry Waite, 1939
Peter Yarrow, 1938
Clint Eastwood, 1930
Patricia Roberts Harris, 1924
Prince Rainier of Monaco, 1923
Denholm Elliott, 1922
Don Ameche, 1908
Norman Vincent Peale, 1898
Fred Allen, 1894
Walt Whitman, 1819
Debuting/Premiering Today:
“Survivor”(TV), 2000
“Seinfeld”(TV), 1990
“Beatlemania”(Musical), 1977
Today in History:
Rameses II (The Great) becomes pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, BC1279
A devastating earthquake strikes Antioch, Turkey, killing 250,000, 526
Mongol armies of Genghis Khan led by Subutai defeat Kievan Rus and Cumans, 1223
Citing poor eyesight, Samuel Pepys records the last event in his diary, 1669
The Godiva procession through Coventry begins, 1678
The Province of Pennsylvania bans all theater productions, 1759
In Australia, Lawson, Blaxland and Wentworth, reached Mount Blaxland, effectively marking the end of a route across the Blue Mountains, 1813
In the Fenian Invasion of Canada, John O’Neill leads 850 Fenian raiders across the Niagara River at Buffalo, New York/Fort Erie, Ontario, as part of an effort to free Ireland from the United Kingdom. Canadian militia and British regulars repulse the invaders in over the next three days, 1866
Dr James Moore of the UK wins the first recorded bicycle race, a 2k velocipede race at Parc de St Cloud, Paris, 1868
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg patents corn flakes, 1884
Arrival at Plymouth of Tawhiao, King of Maoris, to claim protection of Queen Victoria, 1884
Over 2,200 people die after a dam break sends a 60-foot (18-meter) wall of water over the town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, 1889
The Union of South Africa (predecessor of the Republic of South Africa) is created, 1910
The last Ford Model T rolls off the assembly line after a production run of 15,007,003 vehicles, 1927
A 7.1 magnitude Earthquake destroys Quetta in modern-day Pakistan, 1931
The Republic of South Africa is created, 1961
The Ancash earthquake causes a landslide  that buries the town of Yungay, Peru, 1970
In accordance with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1968, observation of Memorial Day occurs on the last Monday in May for the first time, rather than on the traditional Memorial Day of May 30, 1971
The Muppet Movie, Jim Henson’s Muppets’ first foray into the world of feature length motion pictures, is released, 1979
The burning of Jaffna Library, Sri Lanka, is one of the violent examples of ethnic biblioclasm of the twentieth century, 1981
Forty-one tornadoes hit Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario, leaving 76 dead, 1985
Athena 98.4 FM, the first legal private radio station in Greece, starts broadcasting, 1987
Vanity Fair reveals that Mark Felt was Deep Throat, 2005
Asteroid 1998 QE2, an asteroid measuring nearly 1.7 miles across, and its moon, pass within 3.6 million miles of the earth, 2013