Random and Fun Tuesday

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Tuesday is the day for Stacy’s Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Tuesday Fun with Sandee of Comedy Plus.
Let me begin with a shout-out to Cathy of Curious as a Cathy.  No matter what, i cannot comment on your blog!  The fact is, WordPress hates me even though i have an account.  Just know that i am reading, and if you want to contact me at my email, messymimi at live dot com, i will try to send you my comments via email.
On Saturday, i posted about #1 Son needing to pay a bill.  It was a rather complicated situation.
This month, he and his roommate recommended a third person to live in their apartment.  Most apartments at his complex have three rooms, which are rented out separately, each person has his/her own lease, bedroom, bathroom, and they share the kitchen and living area.  #1 Son and roommate had an empty room, which means the complex is not making money on that room.  
According to the way that apartment complex is run, if you recommend a person to move in and s/he is accepted, you get $200 off on your rent.  #1 Son had paid his rent on June 30, minus the $200, and the manager who took the money order from him said that was right.
Last Tuesday, the 10th, #1 Son got a call asking why he was late on $200 of his rent.  He told the female manager what had happened, and she told him that the discount applies the second month after the person has moved in, so he was technically late and would have to pay a $50 late fee.  
He responded that not only was it not noted in the lease or any of the promotional materials that the discount was the second month, he was told by the manager on duty that he’d paid the correct amount.  He insisted that the fee be waived.
She said she didn’t have the authority to do that, and he told her to find out who did and take care of it, because he was not paying the late fee.  The money order he bought that day was for the $200, the male manager who had originally taken his rent back on June 30 admitted he was at fault, and they have not yet asked for the late fee.  So far, he seems to have won this, we are hoping.
For a few funnies, this is how i feel right now about the management of that apartment complex:
This is how i feel when i think about our cars:
Finally, this is how i feel some days when i’m having trouble remembering stuff:
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
Today is:
Air Conditioner Day — the first modern electrical air conditioning unit, invented by William Carrier, began working on this day in 1902
Constitution Day — South Korea
Feast of St. Kenelm — saint mentioned in “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale” of The Canterbury Takes
Feast of the Clockless NowEver — can’t find any confirmation on what this one is, but it sounds like fun if i don’t have to bother with a clock or schedule
Festival for Victoria and Virtus — Ancient Roman Calendar (goddess of victory and god of bravery in warfare)
Gion Matsuri — Yakasa Shrine, Kyoto, Japan (one of the largest and best Gion festivals)
King Letsie III’s Birthday — Lesotho
National Peach Ice Cream Day
Petal-Hopping for Hopeless Cases — Fairy Calendar
St. Alexius Day (Patron of Alexians, beggars, belt makers, nurses, pilgrims, travellers)
Wear Crazy Socks to Work Day — at your own risk
World Day for International Justice
Wrong Way Corrigan Day — anniversary of the flight of Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan, who was supposedly heading for California from New York and ended up in Ireland instead
Yellow Pig Day — mathmatics festivals at various universities, celebrating the number 17 and the yellow pig with 17 eyelashes, created by mathematicians Michael Spivak and David C. Kelly
Birthdays Today
Tash Hamilton, 1982
Alex Winter, 1965
Dawn Upshaw, 1960
Mark Burnett, 1960
Aaron Lansky, 1955
J. Michael Straczynski, 1954
David Hasselhoff, 1952
Phoebe Snow, 1952
Lucie Arnaz, 1951
Camilla Parker Bowles, 1947
Diahann Carroll, 1935
Donald Sutherland, 1934
Phyllis Diller, 1917
Art Linkletter, 1912
James Cagney, 1899
Berenice Abbott, 1898
Erle Stanley Gardner, 1889
John Jacob Astor, 1763
Elbridge Thomas Gerry, 1744
Isaac Watts, 1674
Debuting/Premiering Today:
Yellow Submarine(Animated film), 1968
Punch(Magazine, first publication), 1841
Today in History
Twelve inhabitants of Scillium in North Africa are executed for being Christians, the earliest record of Christianity in that part of the world, 180
Zhu Di, better known by his era name as the Yongle Emperor, assumes the throne over the Ming Dynasty of China, 1402
Catherine II (the Great) becomes tsar of Russia upon the murder of Peter III of Russia, 1762
Londoner Thomas Saint patented the first sewing machine, 1790
The first issue of Punch magazine was published, England, 1841
The Harvard School of Dental Medicine is established in Boston as the first dental school in the U.S, 1867
On the orders of the Bolshevik Party carried out by Cheka, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his immediate family and retainers are murdered at the Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg, Russia, 1918
The RMS Carpathia, the ship that rescued the 705 survivors from the RMS Titanic, is sunk off Ireland by the German SM U-55; 5 lives are lost, 1918
An Armed Forces rebellion against the recently-elected leftist Popular Front government of Spain begins the Spanish Civil War, 1936
After being denied permission to make a transatlantic crossing, Douglas Corrigan takes off from Brooklyn to fly the “wrong way” to Ireland and becomes known as “Wrong Way” Corrigan, 1928
Disneyland televises its grand opening in Anaheim, California, 1955
An American Apollo and a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft dock with each other in orbit marking the first such link-up between spacecraft from the two nations, 1975
The opening of the Summer Olympics in Montreal is marred by 25 African teams boycotting the New Zealand team, 1976
The F.W. Woolworth Company closes after 117 years in business, 1997
A tsunami triggered by an undersea earthquake destroys 10 villages in Papua New Guinea killing an estimated 3,183, leaving 2,000 more unaccounted for and thousands more homeless, 1998
A diplomatic conference adopts the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, establishing a permanent international court to prosecute individuals for genocide, crime against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression, 1998
South Korea develops a long range cruise missile, 2010
Astronauts, Sunita Williams of the United States, Yuri Malenchenko of Russia and Aki Hoshide of Japan, arrive at the International Space Station for a three-month long mission, 2012
In an effort to curb obesity rates, the United Arab Emirates offers its citizens one gram of gold for every kilogram of weight they lose, 2013



Evidence (Awww Monday) and Inspiring Quote of the Week

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.)
Awww Monday is hosted by Sandee, of Comedy Plus.
Join us every Monday for Awww…Mondays.  Post a picture that makes you say Awww… and that’s it.
Make sure you get the code from Sandee’s site, linked above, and leave a link to your post so we can visit you.  What better way to start the week than with a smile!
Bigger Girl is keeping very busy with work, school, and being creative.  She snuck out to the university at night and did this:
Lots of people stop and take photos of it, she says.
She then noted that “It’s now an open secret that there is fairy activity on campus!”
Sparks! from McGuffy’s Reader is on hiatus, so here’s an Inspiring Quote of the Week:
Wishing many happy returns of the day to #1 Son, who is now 27!
Today is:
Atomic Bomb Day — the first experimental bomb was set off today in 1945
Birthday of Don Luis Muñoz Rivera / Muñoz-Rivera Day — Puerto Rico (obs.)
Closet Space Appreciation Day — if you have some, enjoy (we have tiny closets!)
Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel; related observances (many noting her relationship to Carmen, ancient goddess of healing and midwifery)
    Fiesta of the Virgin of Carmen — Santurtzi, Basque Region, Spain
    Lady of Carmen Day — Chile 
    La Madonna della Carmine — Naples, Italy (all of Italy, actually, but especially here)
    Virgen Del Carmen — Cetano, Puerto Rico
First Sermon of Lord Buddha — Bhutan
Fresh Spinach Day — yippee!
Global Hug Your Kids Day — the person who started this no longer has a website or Facebook page, but the date is still noted on many holiday listing websites
Ice Cream Cone Day — this is one of the many days people say the confection was invented, so why not?
LaPaz Day — Bolivia
Manu’a Cession Day — American Samoa
National Corn Fritters Day
National Get Out of the Doghouse Day — the day to work out any troubles with people you care about, so that you “get out of the doghouse”
National Personal Chef Day — some websites say Feb. 24, but since i’m not going to have one, you may celebrate it whichever you choose
Parking Meter Day — the first parking meter was installed on this day in 1935 in Okalahoma City, OK
Petal-Hopping for Non-Starters Day — Fairy Calendar
President’s Day — Botswana
Snake River Stampede — Nampa, ID (the 103rd year of one of the top 15 professional rodeo events in the nation; through Saturday)
St. Eustathius’ Day
Talk to a Telemarketer Day — only if i can mess with his/her mind in some way!
Umi No Hi — Japan (Ocean Day / Marine Day)
Anniversary Today:
Michael J. Fox marries Tracy Pollan, 1988
Birthdays Today
Mark Indelicato, 1994
Jayma Mays, 1979
Corey Feldman, 1971
Larry Sanger, 1968
Barry Sanders, 1968
Will Ferrell, 1967
Phoebe Cates, 1963
Michael Flatley, 1958
Stewart Copeland, 1952
Ruben Blades, 1948
Pinchas Zukerman, 1948
Bess Myerson, 1924
Ginger Rogers, 1911
“Miss Frances” Horwich, 1907
Barbara Stanwyck, 1907
Orville Reddenbacker, 1907
Roald Amundsen, 1872
Ida B. Wells, 1862
Mary Baker Eddy, 1821
Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1723
Andrea del Sarto, 1486
Debuting/Premiering Today:
“Golden Horseshoe Revue”(Disneyland show), 1955
The Catcher in the Rye(Publication date), 1951
“Das Entfuhrung aus dem Serail”(Opera, Mozart K. 384), 1782
Today in History
The Islamic Calendar begins, 622
East-West Schism between the Eastern and Western Christian churches begin, 1054
The first banknotes in Europe are issued by the Swedish bank Stockholms Banco, 1661
Manchu Qing Dynasty naval forces under traitorous commander Shi Lang defeat the Kingdom of Tungning in the Battle of Penghu near the Pescadores Islands, 1683
Father Junipero Serra founds California’s first mission, Mission San Diego de Alcalá. Over the following decades, it evolves into the city of San Diego, 1769
First performance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera The Abduction from the Seraglio, 1782
The city of La Paz, in what is today Bolivia, declares its independence from the Spanish Crown, 1809
Emily Stowe becomes the first female physician licensed to practice medicine in Canada, 1880
The world’s first parking meter is installed in the Oklahoma capital, Oklahoma City, 1935
The world’s first nuclear weapon, the “atom bomb,” is detonated in New Mexico, 1945
The storming of the cockpit of the Miss Macao passenger seaplane, operated by a subsidiary of the Cathay Pacific Airways, marks the first aircraft hijacking of a commercial plane, 1948
J.D. Salinger novel The Catcher in the Rye published by Little, Brown and Company, 1951
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closes its very last “Big Tent” show in Pittsburgh, due to changing economics all subsequent circus shows will be held in arenas, 1956
USS George Washington (SSBN-598) a modified Skipjack class submarine successfully test fires the first Ballistic missile while submerged, 1960
The Mont Blanc Tunnel linking France and Italy opens, 1965
Apollo 11, the first manned space mission to land on the Moon, is launched from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida, 1969
Mahathir bin Mohamad becomes Malaysia’s 4th Prime Minister; he will be in office 22 years, Asia’s longest-serving political leader, 1981
Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collides with Jupiter (impacts continue until July 22), 1994
John F. Kennedy, Jr., piloting a Piper Saratoga aircraft, dies in a plane mishap over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, along with his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette, 1999
Chicago’s Millenium Park is opened to the public, 2004
The funeral for the final heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Otto von Habsburg, occurs in Vienna, attended by monarchs and members of the political elite, 2011
The BBC announces the first woman who will be playing Dr. Who, Jodie Whittaker, 2017


The Opposition (Cajun Joke) and Sunday Selections

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.) 
Just because Sandee, of Comedy Plus, is no longer hosting a Silly Sunday blog hop, don’t expect me to quit telling Cajun jokes.
Grandma and  i talked a bit of politics yesterday.  Not much, we were just discussing a headline or two that i noticed in the newspaper on her table.
It remind me o’ de time Boudreaux decide he want go into politic.
He fin’ hisse’f runnin’ ‘gainst Bourgeois, an’ de reporter ax him what he t’ink o’ his opponent.
Boudreaux say, “Bourgeois be a mighty fine man, an’ a good Cat’lic, an’ a true Cajun, but mais!  He be de kind of man dat goin’ cut a hole in de bottom o’ de boat to let de water out!”
Sunday Selections was started as a way for bloggers to use photos that might otherwise just languish in their files.  It is now hosted by River at Drifting Through Life.  
More of Grandma’s art, although i may have shown at least one of these before.

Bigger Girl and #1 Son

Grandma’s Mom


Grandma’s Dad
Today is:
Be a Dork Day — sponsored by Wellcat Holidays, which encourages you to wear goofy clothes and fall off a swingset today and be proud of Dorkiness
Cigarette Warning Day — anniversary of the 1968 law passed in the US that requires health warnings on cigarette packaging
Codman Estate Antique Auto Show — Codman Estate, Lincoln, MA, US (a day to appreciate antique and classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, and fire engines)
Disability Awareness Day — Walton Hall Gardens, Warrington, UK (the world’s largest “not for profit” volunteer-led disability exhibition)     
Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival — University of Fairbanks, AK (a unique study and performance festival; through the 30th)
Feast of Rowana/Rauni — Druid/Cornish/Flemish (rowan tree goddess; date approximate)
Festival of Castor and Pullox — Ancient Roman Calendar every five years (celebrated with a cavalry and chariot procession)
Festival of Santa Rosalia — Palermo; Sicily (remembrance of the Patron saint of the city on the date, in 1624, when she stopped the plague)
Galla Bayramy — Turkmenistan (celebration of the wheat harvest)
Gorestnici — Bulgaria (fire festival of 3 days duration, honoring the ancient belief that these are the 3 hottest days of the year)
Gummi Worm Day
Hakata Gion Yamagasa — Kushida Shrine, Fukuoka, Japan (festival of floats, dates back to the 13th century, includes dousing teams carrying one ton floats with water as they race!)
Hundadagar — Icelandic tradition, the “dog days” of summer begin, through Aug. 23
Ides of July — Ancient Roman Calendar
I Love Horses Day — all over the web with no specific reason given, but do you need a reason to celebrate horses?
Lake Superior Day — info at the Lake Superior Forum     
Luxembourg Beer Festival — Diekirch, Luxembourg
National Ice Cream Day — by US Presidential proclamation on the 3rd Sunday of July each year; at this time of year, the trick is to eat it fast enough that it doesn’t melt, but not so fast that you get a brain freeze!
National Tapioca Pudding Day
No-Hitter Day — George Bradley of the St. Louis Brown Stockings pitched the first officially recognized no-hitter in MLB against the Hartford Dark Blues on this date in 1876
Petal-Hopping for Beginners Day — Fairy Calendar
Pet Fire Safety Day — make a plan to get yourself and your pets safely out of your home in case of a fire!
Respect Canada Day — because Canada deserves it!
Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival — Santa Fe, NM, US (highly acclaimed chamber music festival that draws international talent; through Aug. 21)
St. Bonaventure’s Day (Patron against intestinal problems; of Bagnoregio, Italy; Cochiti Indian Pueblo; St. Bonaventure University, New York)
St. Swithun’s Day — Saint Swithun’s Society Annual Celebration in Toronto, ON, Canada; the weather prognostication associated with this saint says if it rains today, it will rain for the next 40 days (Patron against drought; of Stavenger, England; Winchester, England)
    St. Swithun’s Festival — St Swithun’s Church, Church Street, Worcester, England (from today, which is St. Swithun’s Day, through the 18th)
St. Vladimir of Kiev’s Day (Patron of converts, parents of large families, reformed and penitant murderers; Russia; Ukranian Catholic Diocese of Stamford, Connecticut; Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Sultan’s Birthday — Brunei Darussalam
Birthdays Today
Tanner Maguire, 1998
Emily Roeske, 1991
Brian Austin Green, 1973
Beth Stern, 1972
Adam Savage, 1967
Irene Jacob, 1966
Forest Whitaker, 1961
Lolita Davidovich, 1961
Kim Alexis, 1960
William Aames, 1960
Terry O’Quinn, 1952
Jesse Ventura, 1951
Arianna Huffington, 1950
Richard Russo, 1949
Linda Ronstadt, 1946
Jan-Michael Vincent, 1944
Alex George Karras, 1935
Ken Kercheval, 1935
Julian Bream, 1933
Clive Cussler, 1931
Jacques Derrida, 1930
Mother Fraqnces Xavier Cabrini, 1850
Thomas Bulfinch, 1796
Clement Clarke Moore, 1779
Rembrandt Van Rijn, 1606
Debuting/Premiering Today:
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince(Film), 2009
MSNBC(Network), 1996
“One Life to Live”(TV), 1968
Today in History
Christian soldiers take the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem after the final assault of a difficult siege, 1099
John Ball, a leader in the Peasants’ Revolt, is hanged, 1381
Alexei Chirikov sights land and sends men ashore in a longboat, making them the first Europeans to visit Alaska, 1741
The Rosetta Stone is found in the Egyptian village of Rosetta by French Captain Pierre-François Bouchard during Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign, 1799
Zebulon Pike begins an expedition from Fort Belle Fountaine to explore the west, 1806
Napoléon Bonaparte surrenders aboard HMS Bellerophon, 1815
A fire destroys the ancient Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls in Rome, 1823
Georgia becomes the last of the former Confederate states to be readmitted to the Union, 1870
The stratovolcano Mount Bandai, Japan, erupts killing approximately 500 people, 1888
In Seattle, Washington, William Boeing and George Conrad Westervelt incorporate Pacific Aero Products (later renamed Boeing), 1916
Eighteen Nobel laureates sign the Mainau Declaration against nuclear weapons, later co-signed by thirty-four others, 1955
AOL Time Warner disbands Netscape Communications Corporation; the Mozilla Foundation is established on the same day, 2003
Entire villages are burned to the ground and 40,000 people flee their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2010
A Russian Soyuz rocket with an international team launches for a mission to the International Space Station, 2012


The Key to a Great Day (Ten Things of Thankful)

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.)
So, what is the key to a great day?  Keeping your perspective on keys and other stuff is a big part of it.
Last Tuesday, i was working at Ms. B’s house.  Both of my Tuesday clients’ homes are in a “dead” zone — sometimes phone calls and texts come through, and sometimes not.  It can be quite frustrating for Sweetie, especially when he has a problem.
We are both thankful one of his calls did come through, he had managed to leave the house to do some work for The Big Boss and didn’t have his key to the house.  It was one of the few times he left for work before i did, so all he had was his car key.  After telling him to meet me at the laundromat at 2:30, i got back to work.
While i was at the laundromat, he called and said he couldn’t find the laundromat on that street.  It made me thankful for the NAPA Auto Parts store next door, he couldn’t miss that.
Then i was grateful i found the set of spare keys i had in my big bag, so i didn’t have to give him my keyring key and possibly be locked out later myself.
Once he was content with his means of getting back in the house and gone, i finished the laundry, looking forward to going home to put my feet up.
#1 Son called.  At this time he, like his parents, is having more than his share of car trouble.  He doesn’t have a car right now, as his old one is not worth fixing.  He needed help and a ride, and i’m very thankful i was only a couple of miles away.
He had walked to the closest place to get a money order for a bill, and of course their money order machine was out.  We are both thankful another place is only a short drive away and that i could take him, as it was close to 100 degrees that day and he could not have walked.
Once we had the money order, i took him back to the apartment where he, too, discovered he didn’t have his key.  At this point, i am thankful we both have a sense of humor and we couldn’t stop laughing about how preposterous it was.
How convenient that his roommate works at the same place he does, which is not that far, and i am thankful i could take him there to get a key from roommate.
Now he was safely in his apartment, and i am very thankful he found his own key, because our next order of business would have been to go get keys made.
It was getting late, traffic was getting thick, and i’m very thankful there is a “back door” to the highway from his apartment that most people don’t think to take, so it actually didn’t take me long to get home.
Finally, i was so grateful to get home and put my feet up after the day of keys.
Have you ever had an adventure, with keys or anything else, and you are thankful it all worked out in the end?  Write it up, or anything else for which you are thankful, and link up with Ten Things of Thankful.
Kristi of ThankfulMe is our excellent blog host, and none of us count if you have ten things or make demands, we just rejoice with you in whatever made you thankful.  Even if it’s just keys.    
Today is:
Art Fair on the Square — Madison, WI, US (one of the Midwest’s largest juried art fairs; through tomorrow)
Bald In – Bald Out Day — sponsored by Bald Girls Do Lunch; if men can be bald and brazen, then women and children who cannot grow hair should bring bald INto their lives, and never feel on the OUTs!      
Barn Day — celebrating barns, old and new, and their history and importance
Bastille Day / National Day — France, French Territories and some former Colonies (Quatorze Juillet/Fete Nationale)
Birthday of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden — an official Flag Day of Sweden
Bohemian Club Annual Rites begin — Bohemian Grove, CA US (if you are into conspiracy theories, this is supposedly when and where the male movers and shakers of the world meet for two weeks and decide the fate of the world for the next 12 months; the members of the club, including former presidents and other high level officials, do meet for a couple of weeks this time of year to have, among other things, a Cremation of Care ceremony)
Canada’s Parks Day — Canada (showcasing Canada’s beautiful parks and historic sites, it’s worth traveling to a park near you!)
Carver Day — George Washington Carver National Monument, Diamond, MO, US
Celebration of the Horse — Charlotte’s Saddlery, Houston, TX, US (in honor of the human/equine bond; through tomorrow)
Children’s Party at Green Animals Topiary Garden — Portsmouth, RI, US (annual party for children and the young at heart)
Circus City Festival — Peru, IN, US (did you ever want to run off and join the circus?  This is the week kids age 7-21 get to do just that, so go watch and have fun with them!  through the 18th, when they have the big circus parade)
Concours D’elegance — Forest Grove, OR, US (one of the premier vintage auto shows in the US; through tomorrow)
Feast of St. Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain
Festival of Millennial Fairy Olympics — Fairy Calendar (Closing Ceremonies)
Galicnik Svadba — Galicnik, Macedonia (wedding festival, when one lucky couple gets to be married in a traditional “Galichka” style wedding, through tomorrow)
Macaroni Day
M&Ms Argument Day — which are best?  plain?  peanut?  almond?  minis?  spend the day in a heated discussion with friends and end with an M&M feast
Nachi Himatsuri — Kumano-Nachi Taisha, Nachi-Katsuura, Japan (one of Japan’s 3 largest fire festivals, a grand summer festival and purification ritual, through tomorrow)
National Grand Marnier Day — on Bastille day, to show the friendship between France and the US
National Nude Day — New Zealand (although now it’s often called International Nude Day, and celebrated everywhere as a day to enjoy your beautiful human form)
National Woodie Wagon Day — paying homage today to this great American symbol of freedom and the casual lifestyle
Omaha Railroad Days — Omaha, NE, US (sponsored by the Union Pacific Railroad and celebrating all things track and train, through tomorrow)
Pandemonium Day — internet generated; don’t let the crazy things that happen in your life get you down, celebrate instead!
Pori Jazz Festival — Pori, Finland (a major international music event with world class performances; through the 22nd)
Rath Yatra & Bahuda Jatra– Puri, India (the first is the Chariot Festival, pilgrims pull huge chariots across the city, and the second is 8 days later, the Return Festival; one of the most awaited Hindu festivals in the state and country)
Republic Day — Iraq
Runic Half-Month Ur begins (primal strength)
Shark Awareness Day
Sodbuster Days — Fort Ransom, ND, US (learn how rural North Dakotans lived in the early 1920s; through tomorrow)
St. Kateri Tekakwitha’s Day (“Lily of the Mohawks”, first Native American proposed for canonization; Patron of ecologists, ecology, environment, environmentalism, environmentalists, exiles, people ridiculed for their piety, people who have lost their parents)
Stone House Day — Hurley, NY, US (tour of several 250+ year old stone houses within 150-yards of each other)
Stroud International Brick and Rolling Pin Throwing Contest — held simultaneously in the 4 cities called Stroud: Gloucestershire, England; Oklahoma, US; Ontario, Canada; and New South Wales, Australia (results are compiled internationally following the event)
Tape Measure Day — the first modern spring tape measure was patented this day in 1868 by Alvin Fellows of New Haven, NJ, US
Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day — write down all the “could have” and “should have” things in your life, then toss them in the trash! Resolve from this day to live in the present, not the past.
Birthdays Today
Missy Gold, 1970
Robin Ventura, 1967
Matthew Fox, 1966
Jackie Earle Haley, 1961
Jane Lynch, 1960
Joel Silver, 1952
Tommy Mottola, 1949
Steve Stone, 1947
Roosevelt “Rosie” Grier, 1932
Polly Bergen, 1930
John Chancellor, 1927
Harry Dean Stanton, 1926
Dale Robertson, 1923
Ingmar Bergman, 1918
Douglas Edwards, 1917
Gerald R. Ford, 1913
Woodie Guthrie, 1912
William Hanna, 1910
Ken Murray, 1903
Dave Fleischer, 1893
Florence Bascom, 1862
Debuting/Premiering Today:
Licence to Kill(Film), 1989
“Spring Symphony”(Britten Op. 44), 1949
Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care(Publication Date), 1946
Today in History
Foundation of the Mission San Antonio de Padua in modern California by the Franciscan friar Junípero Serra, 1771
Citizens of Paris storm the Bastille and free seven prisoners, 1789
First ascent of the Matterhorn, by Edward Whymper and party, four of whom die on the descent, 1865
The Campanile in St Mark’s Square, Venice collapses, also demolishing the loggetta, 1902
The United States $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills are officially withdrawn from circulation, 1969
A powerful solar flare, later named the Bastille Day event, causes a geomagnetic storm on Earth, 2000
The United States Government admits to the existence of “Area 51”, 2003
In Borneo, a rainbow toad, believed to be extinct since 1924, is sighted, 2011
The Church of England votes to allow women to become bishops, 2014
Harper Lee’s second novel, Go Set a Watchman, goes on sale, 2015
Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider announce the discovery of a new particle, the pentaquark, 2015


Can’t Sneak Up On Them Nohow (Feline Friday) and Friendly Fill-Ins

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.)
Feline Friday was started by Steve, The Burnt Food Dude, and i’m going to believe it’s because he likes cats.
He has handed hosting duties off to Sandee, of Comedy Plus, and it’s simple to join, just follow the link to Sandee’s page for the rules and the code.
These kittens were all asleep when i tried to quietly open their cage and take a photo.
Of course, little missy had to wake up and see what was going on.
The tag around that orange one means he’s been preadopted and will go home after his surgery.
Friendly Fill-Ins are easy to do. There are four statements: the first two statements are provided by Ellen of 15AndMeowing, and the final two are offered by the new cohost of the Fill-Ins, Lorianne The Menagerie Mom of Four-Legged Furballs. They try to make sure the statements will be fun to both answer and share. The linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM on Friday. Please head over to one of their sites, link up, and share your thoughts!      
Here are this week’s statements with my responses underlined:
1. As a child, I feared ______________.
2. Friday the 13th _____________________.
3. I think _________ is my best quality.
4. You can’t go wrong with _________.
1. As a child, i feared getting lost or being left behind.
2. Friday the 13th is just another day, unless it’s the first Friday the 13th of the year.  Then it is officially Blame Someone Else Day, the only day of the year you have a free pass to blame someone else.  We had that back in April this year.
3. I think the fact that i try to work hard is my best quality.
4. You can’t go wrong with praying about a situation before making a decision.
Today is:
Anne Hutchinson Memorial Day — Portsmouth, RI, US (honoring Anne Marbury Hutchinson, co-founder of Portsmouth, in 1638)
Arts in the Park — Kalispell, MT, US (juried arts and crafts show, with food and entertainment; through Sunday)
Barbershop Music Appreciation Day — anniversary of the founding of Sweet Adelines International
Beans and Franks Day
Blissfest — Harbor Springs, MI, US (three music stages, workshop areas, and the preservation of folk and roots music; through Sunday)
Collector Car Appreciation Day — brought to you by the SEMA Action Network    
Embrace Your Geekness Day — sponsored by Wellcat Holidays, celebrate your love of online dungeon games, comic books, or dressing up like a vampire
Feast of Kalimat (Words) — Baha’i Faith
Fool’s Paradise Day — a day to figure out how a fool can achieve paradise?  or how it can be paradise if it is full of fools?
Gentse Feesten — Ghent, Belgium (a ten day music and theatre festival)
Go West Day — commemorates Horace Greeley’s “Go West, young man, and grow up with the country.”
Gruntled Workers Day — sponsored by Wellcat Holidays; those of us who are gruntled, as opposed to the disgruntled, should unite and pass along some “great work” compliments to those doing a good job
International Carthage Festival — Tunis, Tunisia (the country’s biggest arts event and music festival, through Aug. 15)
International Puzzle Day — some sites say Jan. 29, but today is Erno Rubik’s birthday
La Retraite Aux Flambeaux — France (night watch, before Bastille Day)
Lindenfest — Geisenheimer, Rhineland, Germany (a new wine festival in the shade of a 600 year old linden tree; through Monday)
National French Fries Day
Obon (Ulambana) — Buddhist; Shinto (Festival of the Lanterns, a time of honoring the ancestors, a reunion of them with the living; through the 15th, although Obon festivals are held on various dates in July at temples throughout the world)
Rainforest World Music Festival — Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia (music in the jungle, featuring local and international artists performing wild music and dance in the mud and tropical rain; through Sunday)
Statehood Day — Montenegro
St. Henry the Emperor’s Day (Patron of childless people, disabled people, dukes, handicapped people, kings, people rejected by religious orders, physically challenged people; Bamberg, Germany; Basel, Switzerland; Benedictine Oblates; against sterility)
St. Joel the Prophet’s Day (Old Testament prophet of the Book of Joel)
Targhee Fest — Grand Targhee Mountain, Alta, WY, US (food, games, fun and tons of music in the beautiful Grand Teton mountains; through Sunday)
Three Rivers Festival — Ft. Wayne, IN, US (Fort Wayne’s biggest summer party; through the 21st)
Turkey Rama — McMinnville, Oregon (family fun on “Oregon’s Favorite Main Street” that includes the “World’s Largest Turkey BBQ”; through Sunday)
Vancouver Folk Music Festival — Jericho Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada ( folk music from around the globe, performed in a beautiful outdoor venue; through Sunday)
Wayne Chicken Show — Wayne, NE, US (this year’s theme is “Welcome to Fabulous Wayne America”, and the family friendly fun includes a rubber chicken chuck and National Cluck Off; through Sunday)
Birthdays Today
Anthony Jerome “Spud” Webb, 1963
Cameron Crowe, 1957
Jane Hamilton, 1957
Michael Spinks, 1956
Louise Mandrell, 1954
Cheech Marin, 1946
Erno Rubik, 1944
Harrison Ford, 1942
Roger McGuinn, 1942
Robert Forster, 1941
Patrick Stewart, 1940
Jack Kemp, 1935
Wole Soyinka, 1934
David Storey, 1933
Bob Crane, 1928
Dave Garroway, 1913
Nathan Bedford Forrest, 1821
Julius Caesar, BC100
Today in History
Capt James Cook begins 2nd trip (Resolution) to South Seas, 1772
William Wordsworth, on a walking tour through the Wye Valley, visited the ruins of Tintern Abbey and a few miles further on composed a poem about them, 1798
Greek War of Independence: Greeks defeated Ottoman forces at Thermopylae, 1822
Henry R Schoolcraft discovers the source of the Mississippi River, 1832
After 9,957 unnumbered patents, the U.S. Patent Office issues Patent No. 1, for locomotive wheels, 1836
Queen Victoria becomes the first British monarch to live at Buckingham Palace in London, 1837
First day of the New York Draft Riots in response to President Abraham Lincoln’s Enrolment Act of Conscription, 1863
Horace Greeley publishes his editorial advising young men to “Go West, young man, go west and grow up with the country,” 1865
PT Barnum’s American Museum was destroyed in one of the most spectacular fires in New York City’s history, 1865
Gold was discovered near Cochrane, Ontario, Canada, 1909
The British airship R34 lands in Norfolk, England, completing the first airship return journey across the Atlantic in 182 hours of flight, 1919
Alexander Butterfield reveals the existence of the Nixon tapes to the special Senate committee investigating the Watergate break in, 1973
The Live Aid benefit concert, a telecast fundraising concert for famine relief in Ethiopia, was held in London and Philadelphia, as well as other venues such as Sydney and Moscow, 1985
American Thoroughbred racehorse Cigar wins his 16th consecutive top-class race, the first horse to do so since Triple Crown winner citation, 1996
Researchers reveal two studies showing the antiretroviral drugs prescribed to treat AIDS can also prevent HIV infections, 2011


Last Mistake (Six Sentence Story) and Good Fences

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.)


“I can explain!” his words were a desperate plea as the people he would call a rabble closed in on him.
“We’re tired of explanations from suits!” the leader of the workings spat back at him.
“We’re tired of words, and endless work, and no changes, and we don’t want an explanation, we want action!”
Workings surrounded the suit, who had unfortunately stepped out of the protected area to check the report of a non-functional door at the wrong moment, when they were changing shifts.
They had been plotting for a long time, what they would do if a suit ever came within their grasp; rigging the door to malfunction and the shift change warning light to not come on at the same time had taken a feat no suit thought a working could pull off.
It was the last time this suit would make that mistake, or any other, for that matter.
Linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge Blog, where she hosts Six Sentence Stories, and the cue is Explain.      
Gosia, of Looking for Identity, has taken over Good Fences, and it’s now Good Fences Around The World.  Post a picture of a fence or gate, link back to her blog, and go visit others blog to see what interesting fences there are out in this big world.    
This one i caught from inside the car, i like it and i hope to get a better picture of it someday:


Today is a rather sad anniversary.  Please only follow the link if you are prepared to read straight talk.   
Today is:
Bear Lake Days –Bear Lake, MI, US (the fun even includes a Venetian boat parade; through Sunday)
Different Colored Eyes Day — people with heterochromia, celebrate!
Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo — Vernal, UT, US (one of the top rodeos in the country; through Saturday)
Etch-a-Sketch Day — the toy was first manufactured on this day in 1960, timed to hit toy shelves for Christmas that year
Hodag Country Festival — Rhinelander, WI, US (at the Hodag “50” Track, a large open-air country music festival; through Sunday)
Hot Dog Nite — Luverne, MN, US (free hot dogs to all comers!)
Independence Day — Kiribati(1979; a/k/a National Day); Sao Tome & Principe(1975)
Kronia — Ancient Greek Calendar (date approximate, a festival for Kronos, part of which included masters and slaves switching places for a meal)
National Pecan Pie Day
Orangemen’s Day (a/k/a Twelfth Day) — Northern Ireland (Battle of the Boyne commemoration)
Oregon Trail Days — Gering, NE, US (the oldest continuing celebration of the Oregon Trail; through Sunday)
Rainmaker Day — Salem, Oregon (while it is understood that in Salem, you are more likely to rust than sunburn, from 1892 until 2006, no measurable rain fell on this date in this normally wet city)
Simplicity Day — sponsored by http://www.doonething.org on Thoreau’s birthday, highlighting the concepts in the book Voluntary Simplicty by Duane Elgin, and advocating finding sustainable ways to live
St. John Gualbert’s Day (Patron of foresters and forest workers, park services and parks)
St. Veronica’s Day (Patron of laundry workers and photographers)
Anniversaries Today
Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr, 1543 (the lucky wife who outlived him)
Birthdays Today
Erik Per Sullivan, 1991
Michelle Rodriguez, 1978
Brock Lesnar, 1977
Anna Friel, 1976
Kristi Yamaguchi, 1971
Lisa Nicole Carson, 1969
Rolonda Watts, 1959
Mel Harris, 1957
Paul Guilfoyle, 1955
Cheryl Ladd, 1951
Jamey Sheridan, 1951
Richard Simmons, 1948
Denise Nicholas, 1945
Christine McVie, 1943
Bill Cosby, 1937
Van Cliburn, 1934
Andrew Wyeth, 1917
Curly Joe DeRita, 1909
Milton Berle, 1908
Pablo Neruda, 1904
R. Buckminster Fuller, 1895
Oscar Hammerstein II, 1895
George Washington Carver, 1861
George Ohr, 1857
George Eastman, 1854
Henry David Thoreau, 1817
Josiah Wedgwood, 1730
Debuting/Premiering Today:
“Northern Exposure”(TV), 1990
“Family Feud”(TV), 1976
“Evening At Pops”(TV), 1970
“The Adventures of Sam Spade”(Radio), 1946
“Baseball’s Sad Lexicon (Tinker to Evers to Chance)”(Publication date), 1910
Today in History
England is unified by Athelstan of England, 927
Saladin’s garrison surrenders to Conrad of Montferrat, ending the two-year siege of Acre, 1191
Fray Diego de Landa, acting Bishop of Yucatan, burns the sacred books of the Maya, 1562
Ostrog Bible, the first printed Bible in a Slavic language, is published, 1580
The United States invades Canada at Windsor, Ontario, 1812
The Commonwealth Franchise Act, granting women’s suffrage in Australia, is given royal assent and takes effect, 1902
Pune, India floods due to failure of Khadakvasala and Panshet dams; half of the city is submerged and the death toll exceeded 2000, 1961
A fire destroys the entire 6th floor of the National Personnel Records Center of the United States, 1973
Boris Yeltsin quits the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1990
Israel invades Lebanon in response to Hezbollah’s kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, 2006
A ticket holder in Britain wins the largest EuroMillions jackpot in history, 161,653,000GBP, 2011
The Rolling Stones, English rock band, celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its first performance at the Marquee Club in Oxford Street, London, 2012


Patriotic Display (Wordless Wednesday) and Words for Wednesday

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.)
Linking up with Wordless Wednesday.
Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and has become a moveable feast of word or picture or music prompts that encourages us to write stories, poems, or whatever strikes our fancy.    
This month, the prompts are being provided by Vest at The Daily Gaggle.   
 Words this week are:
Or and
“It’s been quite the JOURNEY, getting this product from idea to MANUFACTURE,” Kylie said.
From the OBSERVATION deck of the skyscraper, she and Jaime were ENJOYING the view while waiting for the DINING area to open.
“More like a BAPTISM by fire if you ask me!” Jaime responded.  “I knew it wouldn’t be easy going into BUSINESS for ourselves like this, but now that we are here I’m almost EMBARRASSED to admit how much I didn’t know when we started!”
“Me, too,” Kylie said.  They paused, each lost in her own thoughts for a moment, until they were SURPRISED by the doors that LOUDLY clicked open.
Once seated, they ordered drinks and an appetizer, then turned back to the SUBJECT that was never far from either of their minds.
“I’m so glad we finally found a company with the CAPACITY to fill the first orders,” Kylie noted.
“Which first orders were much bigger than I ever dreamed, thanks to you!” Jaime responded, always willing to give her friend and business partner the lion’s share of the credit.
The server set a glass of wine in front of each of them and both said “A toast!” at the same time, which set them laughing.
“To many years of success!” Jaime said when she caught her breath, to which Kylie responded, “And continued friendship!”
Today is:
Advice-to-the-Lovelorn-Day — date, in 1896, the New Orleans Picayune first published the advice column of Dorothy Dix, Mother Confessor to Millions; it eventually ran in 300 papers for 55 years
Bonfire Night — Northern Ireland (precursor to The Twelfth a/k/a Orangemen’s Day)
Bowdler’s Day
China National Maritime Day — People’s Republic of China
Convenience Store Day — the first Seven Eleven opened on this day in 1927 in Dallas, TX; it was open 7am to 11pm, thus the name
Day of the Flemish Community — Flemish community of Belgium, commemorates the Battle of the Golden Spurs of 1302
Feast of Theano, Philosopher, Mathmatician, wife of Pythagoras, patron of vegetarianism (date approximate, supposedly when she was born)
Feast of Min — Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)
Free Slurpee Day at Seven-Eleven — if you have these stores where you live, stop by between 11am and 7pm to get a free 11.7oz. Slurpee (TM) today
Imamat Day — Ismailism
Naadam Festival — Mongolia (a/k/a Revolution Day/National Day, traditional sporting events nationwide, but best at Ulaanbaatar, through the 13th)
National Blueberry Muffin Day
National Cheer Up The Lonely Day — begun by Francis Pesek of Detroit, Michigan; he chose to spend his birthday as a day to promote kindness, especially the forgotten at nursing homes and shut ins who have no visitors
National Culture Day — Kiribati
Phyang Tsedup Festival — Ladakh, India (Buddhist festival, through tomorrow)
Reading Guilt Day — the day you are supposed to start reading that book you only read the Cliff’s Notes on in school
St Benedict’s Day (Patron of agricultural workers, cavers/speliologists/spelunkers, civil engineers, coppersmiths, farm workers/farmers, Italian architects, monks, people in religious orders, people who are dying, school children, servants who have broken their masters belongings, students; Europe; Heerdt, Germany; Norcia, Italy; Subiaco, Italy; against erysipelas, fever, gall stones, inframmatory diseases, kidney disease, nettle rash, poison, temptations, and witchcraft)
World Population Day — UN
Worshipful Company of Vintners (Winemakers) of the City of London Annual Procession — after electing their new guild master, the company processes from Vintners Hall to the Church of St. James Garlickhythe for a church service
Wyandotte Street Art Fair — Downtown Wyandotte, MI, US (over 250 seasoned and emerging artists display and sell their wares, with music and entertainment; through Saturday)
Birthdays Today:
David Henrie, 1989
Marie Sernehold, 1983
Michael Rosenbaum, 1972
Justin Chambers, 1970
John Henson, 1967
Greg Grunberg, 1966
Rod Strickland, 1966
Al MacInnis, 1963
Lisa Rinna, 1963
Richie Sambora, 1960
Richie Sambora, 1959
Suzanne Vega, 1959
Mark Lester, 1958
Sela Ward, 1956
Leon Spinks, 1953
Stephen Lang, 1952
Bonnie Pointer, 1951
Beverly Todd, 1946
Giorgio Armani, 1934
Tab Hunter, 1931
Harold Bloom, 1930
Yul Brynner, 1920
E.B. White, 1899
John Quincy Adams, 1767
Debuting/Premiering Today:
“Space Oddity”(Single release), 1969
“The Newlywed Game”(TV), 1966
To Kill A Mockingbird(Publication date), 1960
Today in History
Admiral Zheng He sets sail on his first exploratory expedition for the Ming Dynasty, 1405
Samuel de Champlain returns to Quebec, 1616
Jews are expelled from Little Russia, 1740
Halifax, Nova Scotia is almost completely destroyed by fire, 1750
Captain James Cook begins his third voyage, 1776
Jacques Necker is dismissed as France’s Finance Minister sparking the Storming of the Bastille, 1789
French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons made his first comet discovery (he discovered 36 over the next 27 years, more than any other person), 1801
Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr mortally wounds former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel, 1804
Waterloo railway station in London opens, 1848
Tijuana, Mexico, is formally founded, 1889
The Lumière brothers demonstrate film technology to scientists, 1895
Babe Ruth makes his Major League debut, 1914
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is first published, 1960
The first U.S. space station, Skylab, is destroyed as it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere over the Indian Ocean, 1979
According to the UN, the Earth’s population crosses the 5,000,000,000 mark, 1987
The United States announces it will reestablish full diplomatic relations with Vietnam, 1995
Colton Harris-Moore, the so-called “Barefoot Bandit”, is caught in the Bahamas after a 2 year manhunt, 2010
Neptune completes its first orbit of the sun since its discovery on September 23, 1846, 2011
Greece continues negotiations with its creditors after refusing proposed austerity measures, 2015